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  1. Warned

    "A person should obey every command, even a command that does
    not seem important. If a person refuses to obey any command
    and teaches other people not to obey that command, then that
    person will be the least important in the kingdom of heaven.
    But the person that obeys the law and teaches other people to
    obey the law will be great in the kingdom of heaven."

    -- Matthew 5:19 (ERV)

    Jesus did not come to abolish the Law. His disciples cannot set aside
    the Law simply because they don't like it or it is inconvenient. Jesus
    is trying to help them to a greater righteousness and holiness. While
    this can be received only by grace, Jesus emphasizes grace must not
    mean rewriting God's will for character and holiness so the standards
    are lower. This is especially true of those who teach others about
    God's will. The last thing we want to do is promise an easy Gospel with
    no demand when God has set the character, faith, ministry, life, and
    service of Jesus as our standard. We do not want to make the way for
    others more difficult to follow, nor do we want to be the source of
    their drifting off the path either. In sharing the Gospel, we want to
    share the truth: God's will, revealed through his Word by the Holy

  2. Very well put Dusty, what better way of teaching Gods way or His will than the life we live. There are people who watch every move in life we make, and you can be sure when they see us mess up fail in anyway the devil is right there to point that out. When we do share the gospel when we have do our best to live right, then I believe the Holy Spirit can realy work in our lives.

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