War Room

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  1. I just saw the movie with the Mrs...I lived it!!! We all need to follow its example!!!
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  2. From Fly wheel to facing the giants to fire proof and courageous - these movies ALL speak in such a manner that every born again believer should be living or grasping. They reflect the growth the Lord desires and the results you will get if you follow God's leading in an obediant way.

    On the flip side - you have so called in the know christians who point out errors in Gods written word. Really ? Mistakes in His ways. Hmmm ?
    God Bless
  3. What are you talking about?
  4. Is this not the thread of making pumkin soup ?
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  5. You saw war room - you said we all need to follow the example.
    There is a debate in here about their movies.
    All movies listed are the kendrick brothers.....

    I simply said they all make good points. They all show how we should be living and how we can beliving when we followe Gods correction and leading....

    In the debate in the thread it is said how they are not on par....and so forth
    I added that these folks who claim to be know it alls - claim Gods word has flaws too.
    Better ? rofl
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  6. Yep!! I really need things spelled out sometimes...praise the Lord for spell check :p

    Thanks brother.
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  7. Me too. A few times!
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  8. Bring Kleenex :)
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  9. LOL! I always have a hankie with me!

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  10. Where is the camo colored ones ?
  11. Of course, you'd want a more manly hankie, eh?

    Here, just for you! Bawl away!

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  12. Anytime I see or hear someone operating in faith in the face of total opposition in every way, brings tears to my eyes.
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  13. Hmmm see I was thinking it would hide things better and then I would not have to wash it as much..........
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  14. So if it brings tears to your eyes - How Much More Joy and Pleasure does it bring the Father when He see's us living as He has set forth for us to Live By Faith in everything - the small stuff the big stuff the inbetween stuff -
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  15. I just saw the trailers. I'm gonna go see it :D
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  16. I want to buy the DVD and give it to every Christian because it's a very practical down to earth actions we all need to do every day. Honestly, after they make up the funds to create the movie, I wish they'd put the whole thing on YouTube for all to see. Now, none of us need to see this movie but only need to believe the word of God and we'd have the same benefit. :D
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  17. While watching War Room movie, I saw trailer for another movie. Looked very promising. If I am right movie name is Woodlawn
  18. I think there is a movie coming out called, "Risen" which also looks promising.
  19. My wife and I watched "War Room," and it was okay, but we were not overwhelmed by it. It had some annoying stereotypes and was kind of corny (as were "Fireproof" and "Courageous," which we also saw).

    But I'd still call them worth a Christian seeing because they nicely fulfill the Philippian Prescription (Philippians 4:8), and "War Room" does make a couple of important points for Christians, particularly with regard to the necessity of earnest prayer.

    I would, however, take Marsha West to take for her criticism of "Fireproof" (and she hadn't even seen "War Room"). Her criticism was really rather immature. She's upset that "Fireproof" doesn't properly take the adulterous wife to task--seeming not to realize that the point the movie was making was all about the role and duty of a husband. It wasn't about what wives ought to do, but about what husbands ought to do. Marsha doesn't seem to realize that the movie wasn't for her--I wonder if she understands Hosea.

    And I've been there, in prayer about what my wife ought to do and getting the single answer from the Lord that what my wife did was His business...my business was to obey Him and love my wife as He commanded.

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