Want to feel the Holy Ghost?

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by violet, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. OH My GOODNESS!!! I am in tears that was AWESOME! and so stinking true!
  2. I felt the Holy Ghost so strong in watching this that I was sobbing.
    The entire thing has to be watched too.
    The portrayal of Christ was overwhelming, expressing His awesome love, power and protection over me.
    Then I thought,
    "I want to dance my first dance with Jesus!",,,,,,
    It was so very touching to my heart!
  3. Wow......:jesus-cross:
  4. was very good,shows God at the beginning,then we get fooled away from good.goota do what is right,that means going to the left to God,and now we have the tree of life.which is a +.:D
  5. Hey Violet, I loved this so much I shared it. And this past Sunday morning it was played/skit on stage at our church!
    Just WOW! :bow::D
  6. that is powerful. It speaks to me that even when the world is beating down on you Jesus is still there pulling for you. That ministered to my spirit, thank you.
  7. awsome

    i cried
  8. How Awesome!!!
  9. Yes, to watch Jesus wait for us, fight for us, take us back in His arms, was extremely emotional for me!
  10. Violet!!

    Do you know who sings that song on this video I need it in my life!
  11. Forget it I found them lol duh! :eek:
  12. Wow....Jesus Christ I Love you...................

    thanks violet for sharing this powerful meassage from God.....May God be with His children He used to potray that message......Amen
  13. The power of the Holy Ghost was very very strong in this!
    I almost ended up in tears!!

    Thanks for sharing Violet.
  14. btw, The song is LifeHouse - Everything.
    Great ! :D
  15. I Keep on and keep on watching this movie clip.
    Everytime, It touches me and brings tears to my eyes.:crying_anim:

    This is just so powerful I cannot explain just how powerful it is!

    I LOVE YOU LORD ! :jesus-cross:

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