Want A Windows 7 Look Rather Than The Old Xp Look....

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Jake, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Try this:

    I did and its pretty cool, works well (free from viruses) :D

  2. I use a Linux based platform myself... Why would I want to revisit windoze?
  3. Well then, this ain't for you plainly....
  4. before acquiring Win8, make sure the program(s) you use will actually work on it ...
  5. Oh yeah definitely. There is a tool that you can download that scans you hardware and software, but of course I can't find it any where on cnet and microsoft.com.
  6. Win8 is giving me fits right now. Try being in the software industry when a new O/S comes out. :p
  7. I miss my many computers, R.I.P
  8. Did you get rid of em on purpose??
  9. Yes all of them.
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  10. I have a couple of programs that just wont run with a windoze emulator. I installed 'Oracle Virtual Box' inside Linux, then Windoze xp in that. It aint called windoze for nuttin. With no apps loaded windoze takes 15 seconds to shut down. Linux takes 4 seconds. So, and that is using the same CPU, Mother Board, Memory etc. etc.....a completely fair test...don't you think?
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  11. Not neccessarily, depends on what overhead the Oracle Virtual Box is taking up.
  12. How exactly do you define overhead? OVB has ample memory and disk space allocated to contain Windoze without resorting to the use of a swap file, if that is what you are getting at.
    I could time my wife's windoze box's shut down time.............might do it when I have a spare 5 minutes or so. It has all the resources afforded by a 500gig Hdd +Pentium 4 + 2gig ram....definitely not resource deprived, though not as fast as my machine's mother board. Both machines have the same model seagate hdd, so read/write access times are potentially the same. Or are you thinking of something else?
  13. Must have been very hard to do that intentionally initially.
  14. it sure was.

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