Walking the narrow path

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  1. Walking the narrow path

    I don't know if this belongs here or not, but this is sort of testimony-bibliography sort of thing about my walk with Christ. Now, it's just a little snippet, nothing fancy or long.

    I guess I can begin with when I didn't know God, when my mind was blinded by theories of Evolution and that we come from apes and prehistoric men. I guess I believed it in some way, but it seemed a bit far-fetched to me. In school, there was no mention of God, there were no prayers or people reading the Bible. Just wake up, go to school, and come back home. I don't even think they taught us about Evolution. If they did, I didn't remember it.

    I often pondered our existence. I'd look around at the trees, the sky, the birds...and I'd say, "Why do we exist? What purpose do we serve?". My grandmother would talk about God, but I couldn't understand it. I couldn't understand God, or who He was at that time. My idea is that I was blinded and ear plugged from the Gospel of Jesus, from the Bible, from anything to do with God. I didn't know what God was, I didn't know ANYTHING about Him.

    I am thankful I was never "hurt" by "religion", that I came to God innocent and ignorant, not full of hatred and anger at anything to do with God or the church. When I first began to learn about God, I didn't even know about Satan, or Jesus (well, I knew that Jesus existed as a human being sense, not that He was the Son of God), or the angels, or Moses, or Job, even Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

    I realized that I mentally washed out of anything to do with God. Convienent? Yes, it probably is the way many stay in that ignorant state, lying in the dark, completely oblivious to the spiritual world. We're just stuck on this physical, material plane of atoms and moons and galaxies. There was never any knowledge of a Creator, or a Heaven and Hell, or demons (or fallen angels), or a Savior. Just monkeys and apes and black holes.

    I also realized how much I missed with God. There is so much now that I realize I can understand with God. When I see things going on, I look at it in a totally different light. I look at sex in a totally different way than what is presented in the mainstream media; I don't want to be one of those people who don't share love between someone they truly love - just going around looking for a 'false' love and never finding it.

    I also realized how many despise of God - who want Him out of our land and human minds. Who want every single mentioning of God censored, just like they censor curse words. I also realized that I am not fighting flesh and blood, but spirits in high places, who can influence humans like we can turn on a light, or feed a fire.

    I realize I have more respect and love and compassion for people and animals alike. I realize that just because I'm not cursing and kicking and spitting does not make me a "weirdo" or "different". So many people tell me how kind and what a sensitive and loving heart I possess, and I realize God appreciates it just as much as I appreciate His love and kindness. I don't want to worship this world and its evil desires and ideas, instead, I want to worship my Father in Heaven, who loves me more than I do Him.

  2. You've been given something wonderful! So precious - more precious than gold or riches on earth. You've come to an understanding that has had kings and scientists and scholars scratching their heads for centuries.

    See - they want that, too. But they don't know how to get it. You've felt God's finger on your heart. They never have, because they've never looked or felt that hunger to know Him. You have.

    You're so blessed! Thanks for letting me read this, it makes me want to praise our Lord God for all that he's given to us so freely!

    God bless you.
  3. Amen... everyone here at CFS who reads your post will be greatly inspired and we thank you for sharing.:)
  4. My sister I am so blessed by your testimony! :)
  5. Thank you, Whirly. I wish I could help them, but it is all a matter of acceptance. It's not easy accepting the fact that you must turn your attention from money and cars and houses and people, and focus on things of the Spirit and of God.

    Thank you, Pastor. I was a bit nervous about it, but I am glad that anyone who reads it will be inspired by it and blessed. It is something I have wanted to get out for so long, and I feel that it is the right place to do it. :)

    Thank you! I am glad you are blessed. That is my objective - not to give glory unto myself but unto God, who does all the work. He's the one that has brought me to this great understanding, I could never possess this knowledge through a book or CD. I can increase my knowledge of God through studies, but true wisdom is God-given, and I am glad He has blessed with with such an understanding.
  6. NTG.... That is exactly what the Christian life is all about sister and i am so gald that He saved you and me and to read your testimony of love and God's grace is such an encouragement to any one and a blessing to know how the Lord Jesus brings us through all our trials and temptations if we yeild and give. it all to Him.

    Praise Him through all blessing flow.

    You are so right . It is the Holy Spirit that is your teacher. Books cannot give you that experience my dear.
  7. I am glad you are also blessed by my testimony. That is something that has happened and I'm not going to dress it up or make it sound better than what it is. I am glad that everyone who reads my testimony is touched in some way. It is pleasing to me and even more pleasing to our LORD.

    Yes, no matter how hard one may try to understand God through a book or CD, you will never truly understand, because everyone will give their own ideas and opinions on the Father. But the Father will give and show you the Truth, the one that is not biased or dressed-up.
  8. i think you are correct,good post.:)
  9. Thank you very much, Smellycat. ^^

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