Walking on and through water. Israel is about faith

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  1. Just the other day the US State Department issued a travel advisory about Israel. It declared that Americans should rethink travel because of increased violence. Unfortunately someone has been asleep at the switch. The violence was at its all time high last summer and fall. Not a peep from DC. Somehow my cynicism has started acting up again and the current campaign against PM Netanyahu and rush to conclude a Neville Chamberlain type “peace in my time” agreement with Iran seems to be more than a coincidence. As groups cede allegiance to The Caliphate in Libya and Yemen, both of which were previously cooperating with war against Jihadists until Washington helped unseat friendly governments, Israel is seeing enemies North and South, as are Egypt and Jordan while DC dithers about climate change and jobs for Jihadists. Trying to clumsily harm and punish Israel financially is too obvious a trick. So, how about that tour you have planned? Is your faith strong? Are you committed?

    Yeshua (Jesus) walking on water

    The Sea of Galilee has seen so much of Israel’s history. When you visit Israel you can ride a boat that tours the places where Jesus’ fishermen disciples and chosen men worked. It was a place where a battle in Israel’s last revolt occurred and a boat from that time has been found and preserved. It is the place where a risen Messiah called to His friends, “have you eaten yet?” and prepared their breakfast for them. It’s where Shimon Kepha (Peter) walked on the water, until he realized he couldn’t and sank at his own disbelief. His Teacher hauled him up and into the boat and reminded him that He was the reason he could defy the laws of physics.

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