Wages Of Sin?

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  1. Yeah, I somehow figured as much...;)
  2. As I stated earlier, Paul can just as easily be understood to be saying "I am praying for you, part and whole" and still be in harmony with the "2 parts = one whole" of Genesis 2:7 The only way to establish your idea of "3 parts = one whole" is to completely ignore Genesis 2:7, which Isaiah says is a violation of the laws of hermeneutics:

    "Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? [them that are] weaned from the milk, [and] drawn from the breasts. For precept [must be] upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, [and] there a little." Isaiah 28:9,10
  3. You do know that truth is not found with the many, but the few. The road is narrow that leads to life, and wide is the road that leads to death. I do not interpret anything on my own, because I do not trust myself.
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    Do you remember who created man? Is not Jesus the creator of all things. He is the one who tells us to love God, with all our heart(spirit) soul, mind (body) and strength!!!! Are you going to call Him a liar? Mark 12:30
  5. Paul didn't say your alternative, because he understood how God has created us. God spoke through Him. you cannot discount God's inspiration. We are not two parts, but three.
  6. You don't know that this passage is a passage of derision?

    Genesis 2:7 merely teaches us that God breathed life into man, and therefore Adam became a living being. But Adam is more than a living being,---he has not only a soul (a mind, will and emotions---a personality), but a spirit which communes with God, and a wonderful body created out of the dust of the ground.
  7. Sin, which the Bible defines as "lawbreaking" does not cause covetousness. It's the other way around, according to James! Ok? James says lustful desires CONCEIVE sin. If that is clear, then it should be evident to you that the law then reveals in our hearts that we are guilty of sin, so that we can go to Jesus for cleansing.
  8. Again, you make no effort to explain how Genesis 2:7 harmonizes with your theory.
  9. You bank everything on one verse. Not wise.
  10. Isaiah is clear that our spiritual propositions must stand the test of Biblical scrutiny of texts which have their impact on them. Your proposition of Paul's words, which are known to be hard to be understood by even the great Apostle Peter, does not stand the test of Genesis 2:7, but no doubt you will stubbornly hold to it.
  11. And you shown yourself to readily dismiss texts that go back to the very beginning of Biblical history, which is wise?
  12. Do you agree that the same Spirit God breathed into Adam returned to God when Adam died? It must be noted that that Adam could not have returned to God anymore than you can return to the moon, unless you were a part of the Apollo program. His body returned to the earth, the Spirit returned to the God who gave it, and the living soul named Adam ceased to exist.
  13. I hold to the truth of God's word that teaches us that we are body, soul and spirit.

    This part of Isaiah 28 is for us to take in carefully:

    Listen to the Teaching of God
    23 Give ear and hear my voice,
    Listen and hear my speech.
    24 Does the plowman keep plowing all day to sow?
    Does he keep turning his soil and breaking the clods?
    25 When he has leveled its surface,
    Does he not sow the black cummin
    And scatter the cummin,
    Plant the wheat in rows,
    The barley in the appointed place,
    And the spelt in its place?
    26 For He instructs him in right judgment,
    His God teaches him.

    27 For the black cummin is not threshed with a threshing sledge,
    Nor is a cartwheel rolled over the cummin;
    But the black cummin is beaten out with a stick,
    And the cummin with a rod.
    28 Bread flour must be ground;
    Therefore he does not thresh it forever,
    Break it with his cartwheel,
    Or crush it with his horsemen.
    29 This also comes from the Lord of hosts,
    Who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance.
  14. I never dismiss anything in scripture. It is all there for me to learn and to be edified by it.
  15. Praise God, none of us should. But, if the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth, by leading us out of error, we are assured to arrive at spiritual enlightenment, rather than compounded delusion.
  16. He is with God now---His spirit and soul---since Jesus has opened the gates of Hades/Paradise for all believers who came before the Messiah to enter heaven with Him. He and you and I will never cease to exist.
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  17. My, you seem to really be into the whole notion of ignoring other verses and holding to some. I do believe that verses 1 through 23 are just as inspired as these, and profitable for doctrine, reproof, for correction, and instruction in righteousness.
  18. Where is David?
  19. You appear to misread people very well.

    All scripture is inspired and is for our instruction and correction and edification.
  20. David is also with God, as he placed his hope in the coming Messiah, also. Where do you think he is?
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