Voices of Christmas

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  1. Voices of Christmas

    As we venture into this wonderous season of Christmas, we encounter various voices. The voice of the Bell-ringers on the corner. The voice of the cars honking for you to move it along 'cause we're in a hurry. The voice of chatter, of excitement, of wonder. But nothing is quite so wonderous as the voice of children as they sing the timeless message of the birth of the Christ Child. Their light, pure voices bespeak the joy of beholding a child, and what a child this is - the Son of the Living God, Jesus the Christ.

    The link below is a light-hearted card simply to bring a little joy into this joyful season. But as you view it, remember the purity of children's voices bespeaking the birth of the Christ Child.

    (volumn turned on for this one, please)
    Jacquie Lawson Preview Card
    (P.S. I know Christmas is just about over for 2008, but enjoy a moment, please)​
  2. How lovely, Granny! Thanx for sharing! Sweets
  3. Wonderful!!

    I think that is why the LORD wants us to seek him as little children because they are the only one's with hearts pure enough to truly know the LORD! If we could all have JESUS in our hearts by age 10 and never learn anything from the world further, this would be a wonderful place!:)

  4. Many years ago I took my youngest daughter with me in the canoe. I was going to follow a river downstream to a place about twenty miles by road. It was late in the year. Kind of crisp in the mornings. Well we started out and ran some small rapids having a good time. Talking laughing like friends do. Well we hit some ice in the river and I knew that I had blown it. It was too late in the year. As we ran one set of rapids with a ninety degree turn in it a snag caught me. The canoe was swept under the snag and rolled on its side. I slipped out into the frigid water and caught the canoe, flipping it back upright. I had to laugh as I saw that my daughter had simply hung on and never even left her seat. She was screaming and crying though from fright and shock from the icy water. I dragged the canoe to the shore and put her on a log then emptied the canoe. When I explained to her that a child crying in the woods can bring us more trouble than we had she simply shut up. This girl is iron. Covered with silks.
    Well, looking around I could see that we could not stay where we were so I pulled off here wet stuff and my dry shirt and jacket. Putting them onto her I put her back into the canoe and we pushed off. Well we spent the night in the woods I built her a shelter by rolling the canoe on its side and making a good fire placed so that its heat would reflect back onto my little girl. She slept as I dried our clothes, and I dressed her as her clothes came dry. She was warm and cozy all night. I even got to thaw my frozed rifle out as I worked. In the morning we started out again. She was crying. "I'm worried about mom." She said. Mom was waiting for us at our destination down river. Well we hit more ice more portages We chased a beaver who was swimming ahead of us. I had to say no to a large bull moose. No hunting today, I had to get my little girl to her momma. It was noon the second day before I got to the place where my Lady was waiting. But she wasn't waiting there. My car was there. Food was there. My brother in law was there. Oh well Something to eat, and we would go home. Then the cops landed in their helicopter. How embarassing!! They had followed me all the way by the tracks I left when we came out of the water. They found where we spent the night and caught up to us just as we sat down for lunch. My Lady was at home. They would not have come looking for us if it had been just me, but my eight year old daughter was good incentive for them.

    What struck me though through all of this adventure was the total trust this little girl had in her daddy. I told her "That was a stupid thing to do. Running the river so late in the year." "Yup." She said "It was" and hugged me.
    I have had this lesson in my heart ever since. We are on a journey with our beloved Jesus. All we have to do is trust in Him and do as He asks us to do. If we will trust Him as my little girl trusted me, everything will be just fine.

    By the way. I was not a novice to the woods by that age. My daughter was warm and well taken care of the whole time. Promise. :)
  5. very good story!
    kids believe and they have real trust, I would give anything to have that kinda openiness in my own heart! Thank you for sharing this story it is inspirational 2 us all!
  6. wonderful.

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