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  1. I really don't have plans at this point to buy a Vista based computer. If I wanted all the fireworks that Vista has, I would just as soon purchase a Mac.

    But since Macs are so expensive and I'm on a budget, I tend to stick with Linux. I tend to build or cheaply acquire computers and since I can download Linux off the net for little or no cost, it works out better for myself and my family.....
  2. Linux is considered tried and true-
  3. Very responsive.....

    Since a lot of people arent probably the Linux buff I am, I'll just run through it.

    Pulled it out of the box, turned it on, answered a few configuration questions and logged on.

    Configured my wireless in about 2 minutes and was right on the web...

    Downloaded the latest security/regular updates in about 20 minutes.

    Loaded Automatix, installed Java and Flash in a couple of minutes. Added Wine, which allows me to run some Windows programs if I want.

    Installed VMWare, virtualization software, so if I need to run Windows, I can boot it right up no problem. (Did configure my Windows XP virtual client with ClamWin and Comodo firewall)

    Added a anti-virus and engaged the firewall (not that there is really anything out there that would effect Linux anyway, its just more protection when Im running Windows on the same laptop.)

    Since Ubuntu runs the GNOME desktop (which in some ways similar in feel to a Mac) I went ahead and loaded the KDE desktop (which is similar to Windows) I can choose then which desktop configuration I want to run.

    Loaded the 3D Beryl Manager, works great.

    And of course loaded all the Bible software I could find for it.....:read:
  4. Linux is pretty awesome. I have not messed around with it for the desktop, but I have a linux server here at home. I am using it for my firewall and router.

    I also have apache, tomcat, mysql, and an ftp server loaded just to mess around with some websites.

    The linux server is much more stable than windows server hands down, and rebooting almost never fixes a problem in linux ;)
  5. Hello everyone,

    I've worked with almost every version of Windows, except Windows 1 and 2. Windows XP was a good operating system. It ran well even with older hardware, and support for it picked up quickly.

    With Microsoft, however, newer isn't really better. Their programmers have gotten lazy and have not amde their code efficient, hence needing a min. of 15 GB free to extract the WIM, image, from the DVD. Which IMHO is junk. Not only do you need something along the lines of a 4.5 GHz single core, or 3 GHZ multicore, processor, but it won't run smoothly on anything less than the high end DDR2 512 or more, 1 GB RAM on regular DDR 400. On top of that you need at elast a 256 MB high end video card to run the new Aero content.

    With Vista, Microsoft decided to try something that they have not done in a long time, develope a new OS from scratch. I commend them on doing this with Vista, however there is a lot of junk code that makes it very inefficient, slow and a HUSE resource hog.

    For instance,

    My PC specs are as follows:

    AMD Sempron 64 3000+ AM2 CPU
    1024 DDR 400 Memory
    256 MB GeForce 7300 GS PCIE Video
    160 GB WDC SATA II 16MB Cache Hard Drive
    Sony DVD-ROM and DVD-RW
    17in CRT by KDS, still works well.

    I installed Vista Business from my Action pack. The OS ran OK. Not fast but not slow, at elast it was smooth. I did their Windows Vista Experience Rating thingy and got a 3.2, seems how my video card was the weakest point in my system... runs great with games like Halo, Half-Life and other FPS and C&C Generals.

    Given my specs I should not ahve too much trouble playing even the older games like Half-Life. I went ahead and played it on Vista for a couple of weeks. The gaem a choppy, slow and the sound studdard...

    I turned off all the eye candy with Aero, and the game still was bad, although it was better. I took Vista off and installed Windows XP with the video bumped up to its max with the latest video and chipset drivers, perfect! Not one glitch, not one bump... simply perfect. Although I still have my own copy of Vista, I won't install it again. Vista is junk. It requires too much to the point wehere you have to buy new hardware just to run the thing.

    I also have Unbuntu 7.04 installed with Windows XP, on another partition of course. I play games on XP and everything else on Unbuntu. I tried to use WINE in Ubuntu but I could not get my games working on it... until I do, I'll still have XP.

    God bless,
  6. Thanks for the insight Johnathan- many blessings on your day- brother Larry
  7. I ran Aero Perfect on my ATI Radeon x700 64mb graphics on my laptop.

    With aero, Its not the amount of graphics MB, It just has to be Direct X9 compatible, which in this day in age, is all available anyway.
  8. When I worked at my freinds computer shop, I built many PCs that run Vista, and alot of High spec PCs.

    A 2.4ghz Dual core processor, 2Gb DDR2 Ram, Striped Hard Drives and a nvidia 8800GTs graphics card would score the top score in Vista performance tests, Where 5.6 was the highest score.

    Btw JohnathanAmber, From your computer specs (running vista), Both your Processor and graphics card are the let down for you ;) Vista uses the graphics card for all the fancy effects, whereas XP and earlier versions of windows used the system RAM to store all the graphics.
  9. I just bought a pc with Vista premium. It has 2 gb of Ram and AMD Live dual core, blah blah, and it seems to run just fine. I really like Vista so far; makes me not want to work on my XP laptop anymore. ;)
  10. This thread started in April I am am resonably sure most of the kinks should be worked out by now- your OS sghould be very stable. AMD rocks and will easily outperform competitors with much higher specs.
  11. Well, that's good to hear. Hopefully it will last us a while as it was not a cheap computer.

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