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  1. Vista

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried Vista yet- if it was an upgrade on an existing system were there any problems or glitches- what are the outstanding features that would make someone want to go out and buy it?
  2. I'm not touching it for at least a year. I have heard several people complaining about it but have not got the specifics. I figure after a year all the major bugs will be worked out for the most part.
  3. That sounds like smart money to me- give them time to put out a few patches and it will be a stable platform.
  4. Not to mention it will be like half the price.
  5. In my experience, I've learned never to buy a new version of Windows until at least the second version comes out.
  6. Don't get Vista! I wish I'd never let go of my nice old XP PC... My new HP notebook has been a nightmare, primarily software, but a couple hardware issues, also.

    Avoid HP computers, too, by the way. Their quality of customer service has declined significantly since I bought my first HP. Even Macs are getting their share of complaints, these days.

    Dell, from what I hear, has the best customer service.
  7. I'm using Windows 98 Second Edition and won't change until I am forced to kicking and screaming...

    A colleague has Vista and has the Geek Squad at his business at least once per week to patch it up. No Thanks!!
  8. Vista itself is not bad, though it is another attempt by Microsoft to take your brand new REALLY fast PC and make it slow again with all those fancy 3d graphics :rolleyes: .

    The problem with Vista, however, is that few companies have updated their software or written drivers that will actually run on Vista. The waiting game is indeed a good choice.

    If you're going to live on the bleeding edge of technology...better keep a good supply of bandages ;)
  9. Yes brother I noticed it doesn't seem to be catching on as fast as Xp did.
  10. If you have a sufficently robust computer, Vista is kinda nice. But that's a big if, wrapped around lots of other things like what are you using the computer for. It's great for general computing, internet surfing, and stuff like that. But in my company it fails because of VPN issues, connectivity problems, GPOs, etc... At home, it doesn't run games very well. Some are ok, but all have a MAJOR performance issue. 10 y/o games are sluggish. Some games within the past few years won't even install. WoW lags beyond playability in the cities, Steam and Half-life won't run after installed EVEN when I d/l the Vista patches. My audio card HATED Vista, even though the drivers were updated. Video card wasn't too happy with it either.

    Cons: Too many to list.

    Pros: It's pretty? I like the way the user accounts are managed. Made millions of confirmed PC users into Mac fans.
  11. I ran Vista for a long time.
    I ran alot of the Test / BETA versions before release, then ran the final release version.

    Vista was great for me.
    I didn't want to let it go, But my laptop is getting on a bit now, so its getting slow and Vista needs quite a high spec machine to run well.

    If it wasnt for my laptop being old, then I would have stuck with Vista.

    I loved it!
  12. I'm calling you out on this. If, in fact, you were a beta tester why aren't all the bugs and gliches and every little thing that can cause it to crash not fixed before release?
  13. Lol, This is Microsoft we are talking about here.
  14. I use Vista

    Its a far superior step up from XP .. IMO this is what XP should have been , though some bugs remain as im sure the upcoming service pack will resolve those issues. I like being able to run Unix commands from windows now. :)
  15. Alot of the so called bugs are cause by compatability issues with older software and drivers-it would be a logistical impossability to take all existing software into account. I have learned ( at least in my case) it will work out fine once there has been sufficent time to put out a few patches.
  16. I really don't like Vista. I feel like they have taken XP and "dumbed it down." I loathe being asked over and over if I REALLY meant to do what I did.

    Overall - not impressed.
  17. The reason for all those extra "are you sure" prompts is increased security...the fact that user input is more frequently required to intiate functions seriously reduces the risk of maliscious code being succesfully run on your PC.
    I am getting used to the extra input and prefer it to removing viruses and spyware.

    Once the rest of the world gets around to writing drivers and making prograns Vista compatible it will be much better. I am content to use Vista for most things.
    Now Office 2007 however is way too dumbed down in my opinion...that one will take me a lot longer to get comfortable with!
  18. Reminds me of the "I'm a PC; I'm a Mac" ad where the PC had a Secret Service looking guy over his shoulder asking him for the security approvals.
  19. LOL - exactly!

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