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Vista Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Beloved, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Vista Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    We have Vista now and there are some features I don't like.

    For example on my Desktop most all of my shortcuts register a large E
    instead of a personal Icon or Avatar:confused:Even CFS is a large E.

    The second is having to register and put in a password for the 5 Identities I have. Is there anyway I can change this.:confused:
  2. I can't help you with your questions, but I feel your pain.

    I can't stand Vista and neither can hubby.

    Did you recently buy your computer? I know that the new Windows software is coming out on October 22nd and most places where you buy computers, are offering a free upgrade when it comes out. You might want to check with where you purchased the computer if it was recently.

    Blessings, Cheri
  3. I think Micro$oft has a patch for the virus called Vista - they're calling in Windows 7.
  4. Huh, I have Vista on my laptop and I like it better then XP. haven't had a single problem with it. :)

    I don't know how to help with your "E" problem but I was thinking with the password part, when it asks to put in a password can you leave it blank so there is no password? Just tossing out ideas.
  5. Interesting for me to know -- are you using licensed OS? Because what about Ukraine, people (and even companies) mostly use "pirate" versions of OS, MS Office etc.
  6. I have vista on my laptop and have no problems at all...all my shortcuts are icons..have never seen the E thing.

    There is a way to change it so that you do not need a password, though i would not recommend it..the passwords are to protect your computer..especially if you have multiple users.
  7. You can right click a shortcut and go to properties - change icon - to change the icon. It sounds like you have website shortcuts on your desktop and the E is blue and represents a website to be opened in Internet Explorer.

    You can also right click a shortcut and rename it. The name sometimes is more useful than the icon graphic.
  8. i can't answer :[
    my vista laptop broke 4 times.
    vista was awesome in the beginning, but then it turned started randomly breaking. (i've only had it for 3 years!) i sincerely hope that you have better luck with this one!
    it's always a stress when my laptop breaks!
  9. lol :D
  10. I don't like windows OS never been a fan of them. I switched to linux long time ago.

    I have few macs also.

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