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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by NearertoGod, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I noticed that recently, I have a 'This Message is Moderated' note on any visitor message I post. Is this apart of this system or something else?
  2. I never post visitor messages. But my guess is this: i'm sure that every comment is moderated. so it's not just for you :)
    because people can post pretty much anything. so that's why they need to be moderated because they can be inappropriate and whatnot.

  3. There is a problem with the "Moderated Messages" that are being placed on the visitor message. If you come across it, just let a moderator know and we will unmoderate it for you until Jeff resolves this issue.

    God bless,

  4. I'll be looking at this issue. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. I think I rectified this issue. Let me know if this happens again and I'll check.
  6. Now I am getting a message in "Notifications" that says I have some "Unapproved Visitor Messages."

    When I click to see what it means I can't tell what's happening.

    Can someone tell me what's happening, and do I need to do something to approve the messages or delete them or what?

  7. I just received an 'Unapproved Visitor Message' as well.

  8. Jeff and the developers are working on several software related glitches. PLEASE be patient and Thank You.
  9. Hey Near, could you approve those messages and then see if a new one appears?
  10. I approved the one on my profile - it reappeared. :)

  11. Same thing is happening to me. I've had these 4 unapproved visitor messages. I'm like, "There's no way for me to approve them." So there's an annoying 4 in the top corner >:[ ha.
  12. Jeff I have three unapproved messages ( Visitor ) and I can't unapprove them . Thanks
  13. Go to your SETTINGS and see if you have a check mark in front of- ENABLE VISITOR MESSAGES
  14. Ok Thanks will go there.
  15. I went there and I do have it set that way and it does not make a difference.
  16. Thanks to godbe4me for removing two of them but I still have one unread visitor message. and there are no messages.
  17. Enabling Visitor Messages allows people to make comments on your profile. It does not stop unapproved messages.

  18. Yeah, I have the same problem
  19. It is my understanding that Jeff is in contact with the software developers and is working on the issue. Until we hear from the developers through Jeff, we will all have to tolerate the situation. We know it is frustrating at times, but there are times in our lives when little trials such as this can be beneficial... in giving us all a better sense of tolerance and understanding. Thank you all very much.
  20. If any of you have any moderated messages, just shoot me a pm or leave me a message on my profile and I will fix it until we get this resolved. Thank all of you for your patience.

    I have gone to everyones profile who posted here and un-moderated messages. Let me know by way of pm or posting to my profile that you have a message that needs to be unmoderated.

    Dusty, are you still showing another un-moderated post? I went through seven pages and did not see anything. Let me know and I will continue to look. Maybe it is a old post.


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