View on Christians doing Yoga

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  1. View on Christians doing Yoga

    Hi ,

    I was just interested to see what you all think of Christians doing Yoga and there is a link that you all can read :

    Myself, I would not indulge in anything that comes from the hindu or other religions that practice meditation and certain forms of exercise that relate to satan.

    There are a lot of Christians who think this is ok so just wanted to throw it out as a discussion to see.:(:(
  2. Don't really know about the religious ramifications, but I have a very good Christian friend who practices the techniques as a form of exercise. It has always managed to keep him in top shape. Other than that, I know very little about it.
  3. Yes I have heard that as well but when looking at this link, I have my doubts and had also heard that people are benefiting from the exercise but because of the origin was wondering if we are leaving the door open for harmful effects mentally.

    I had also heard and (it is just a rumour) that there was a person who took these exercises so serious ( and was a Christian) that he was admitted to a phsyciatric ward as demons were attacking him.

    Myself, for some reason do not feel comfortable ever entering into this form of exercise. But it may be just my conviction.
  4. Hmmm, well, I have always been a firm believer that it isn't the origin but the usage that makes something good/bad. The Swastika was originally a symbol of peace, but nobody would associate it with peace anymore. The "peace sign" was a symbol of anarchy and anti-establishment, but is now seen as a near-Christian philosophy. The cross, was a symbol of evil, and now is used to give hope.

    However, when it comes to "playing with demons", the rule of thumb is to steer away from it. But in this case, I really wonder. I have heard similar arguments used against all martial arts as well, yet I've never experienced anything similar when I was training. And I really HAVE been open to demonic influences in the past. So I would think, that if it was really a gateway, I would have been more vulnerable than ever at those times. Yet, those are still the times my mind feels most open to God's Word. Since I'm at peace after a light workout.

    Still gonna file this under "skeptical", but Yoga isn't something I was ever really interested in.
  5. Thankyou Brother for your reply. I was hoping this would generate more discussion on the topic but I think I will still hold on to my opinion and not dabble in it. But that is only my opinion and I do welcome other opinions.

    At present I am in the Curves program and have been there for four years. It is run by a Christian CEO and sorry to say is just for women. The machines are designed totally for women. I guess what I like is it gives a total body workout in one half hour with stretching after so if I go at least three times a week as recomended and try to stick to a healthy diet, I believe that is where I should be.:dance::dance:
  6. Dusty, is it expensive? I thought about joining, but I didn't know how good it would be. Do you like it there?

  7. Laura,

    I don't know what your rates are in the States cause I am Canadian , but I pay $39.00 per month. There is a lot more than just exercise if you want to avail yourself. I went into a 6 week weight loss program and lost 10lbs. that they offer, (but need to loose more.) Or you can do it with the help of a motivator and she will track your progress and do measurements etc. It is also a fun place as you can win T- shirts and other prizes as they are always having different events for motivation. I like the atmosphere as you dress modestly and women are so friendly and I have met some really nice ladies.

    But then that is just me as I would not do any exercise at home and need to be pushed.

    I also think because the place is based on Christain principles that it is a good place to witness to other ladies. They also honour the sabath and are not open.

  8. My ex-wife used to work for Curves. They seem to be a decent organization, but individual locations are franchise operated, so your experiences may vary.

    I prefer Planet Fitness since they are only $10 a month, but they are co-ed, and they don't allow "lunks" or grunting and stuff in the workout area.

    In addition, I know there is a "Lord's Gym" here at least, which is completely Christian based.

  9. Thanks bro. That is probably better advice as we have different fitness places in Canada. I wish we had a gym that we could pay only $10 per month. It seems like we Canadians have to pay more for everything, gas, books etc.:(:(
  10. Sorry to side track the discussion away from the side track ;-)

    but regarding the original question of Yoga;

    I believe using yoga for exercise only is a bit off the mark as yoga was intended specifically to induce altered states of consciousness...the same ones achieved via eastern meditation but using body movements instead.

    I would not want to suggest or inspire a sense of fear regarding yoga, but would recomend Christians choose other means of exercise simply becuase of the unavoidably religious origins of yoga.

  11. Thanks for that answer as that confirms in my mind that I do not want any part of it. Blessings.:):)
  12. I agree with you, Dusty. I won't do yoga ever.

  13. This has been my understanding and therefore as a Christian I am not personally happy to get involved with Yoga.
  14. AMEN !!! Thanks you all. I will stick to my" Curves" !!! Tee Hee
  15. I found some very negative reports about Yoga.

    Each stretch uncoils the serpent and is a form of worship to a Hindu god. I read a story of a man who got involved with yoga. He was trying to get into a deeper relationship with God, but was employing Yoga techniques, in the end he ended up being admitted to a psych place because they said he was schizophrenic. I don't think he was, I think he just contacted a few demons.

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