View my profile??

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Deborah, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. View my profile??

    Hi, I just came aboard and notice that although my account is activated I can't view my own profile yet. Do I have to change something or is there a bit of a waiting time to be able to do a week and/or so many posts? Thanks in advance for any info here. :)

    Deborah :) :fish:
  2. Hi .... Deborah .... Welcome to the forum .

    Your profile is not active yet until you post a certain number of posts and then the Pm and the profile will activate . I think it is 15 but don't quote me on that .

    Anyways in the meantime look around and see all our features and forums and please read the forum rules and acquaint yourself with our policies .... Thanks and God Bless .

    Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.
  3. Thanks!

    Thanks, Dusty, this is good to know. Will just wait till the profile is accessible and meanwhile I won't be concerned I didn't click something or that I clicked the wrong thing. ;) Yes, I read the rules/policies two or three times (like the way they are stated, btw) and think they are very comprehensive and understandable. Especially appreciate the tips for newcomers. Also noting the purposes of the various forums/sub-forums. Looks like you've got a good mod team here too! Checked out a lot of this before I signed up. Yesterday I read through quite a few things;and today I have been exploring and posting a little bit. Will do more tomorrow and after Easter weekend for sure!

    peace and blessings,

    A sister in Christ,

    Deb :fish:
  4. Praise God Deb ... It's really nice to have you aboard and I know and sense you will be a blessings , so continue what you are doing and it is great to get to know you and thanks for the wonderful impression you got from CFS and it's staff .

    I like to think of CFS as the best Christian monitored forum on the net .... but then again I have to blow my own horn .... he he .:D:D.... God bless you sister .
  5. You know you just might be right about that. And in time I hope to blow the rams horn of praise to God for bringing me to a "spacious place" (Ps 18:19) a place..which is a blessing for me already! :smile_anim:
  6. Hi Deb, the waiting time is one day's membership or 10 posts whichever is later.

    Welcome to CFS by the way. :D
  7. Thanks, Jeff. Yes, I see it started working today so I decorated and started my album.

    Thanks for the welcome too! :)
  8. You are welcome Deb. :)
  9. OH! Good!!

    I Wanna go look,...I Wanna go look!! :D :cool:
  10. Great looking family Deb!!!
    I like the job you are doing on the photo album, You strike me as a very creative person. :)
  11. Ride4, I shoulda included the one of my grand daughter with the horse. :D She goes to a Christian horse camp every year and has some great pictures.

    Anyway, thanks. Will look forward to posting here on CFS and the encounters. :cool:

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