Video Games?

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  1. Video Games?

    I have an Xbox that I got for Christmas, but I really dont know any games. Are there even any that are not full of violence or sex? I do like sports, so I might get a madden, but is there anything else? Should I sell it?
  2. I don't have an Xbox (Play Station 2), but, in my opinion, Xbox's games are mostly Teen (T) and Mature (M) rated. I don't know of any games that are free of violence and sex, I think you could get good with the sports games. Other than that, not sure. I could find something: what are you looking for in particular?
  3. I'm assuming it's an Xbox 360? Yes, most of the games are rated Teen or Mature, but I don't think that should necessarily stop you. Video game violence isn't harmful for everyone. The rating is the game's target audience. If you are "Mature" enough to deal with the themes, there is no problem in buying games like Halo 3. If you do not want to buy these games for another reason entirely, for example, if you don't want to support an establishment that comes out with products you consider repulsive, that is your perogative, and I respect you for it.

  4. I agree with J.

    I've played some (M) rated games, I am not one for the violence so I really didn't continue to play them. It is really if you can stand it, some people can, but if you're not hard at heart that's a big no-no right there! :D
  5. big market for non sex violence games.wonder why they don,t make them.?
  6. Because, sex sells. Violence makes things (in other people's opinions) fun and exciting. Which equals more $$$$ in the pockets of game producers.
  7. It is very hard to come up with a game concept that does not somehow include violence, at least. The sex thing, I could definitely live without:rolleyes: but about the only non-violent, non-sex games you can find are targeted at five-year olds.

    Or puzzle games. Those things are addictive! (Tetris, anyone?)

    Don't forget, the Bible is chock-full of sex and violence, too;):D
  8. Lol, yeah, like Mario.

    Violence is hard to stay out of - it can be Ok when not made to the excessive. You can pretty much avoid stuff like sex, maybe characters kiss every once in a while but not something beyond that.
  9. What do you call jumping on an enemy's head? Looks like violence to me:p

    Mario games are violent in a very limited way, but good luck finding a Mario game for 360 (hint: they don't exist and never will)
  10. There's a "Left Behind" game at Shopko that I've been looking at for a while. I'll pick up the box, turn it over and over in my hands, reading the details...and then I'll put it back.

    Sorry to say - the game sounds boring.:( I counted, there were seven boxes the last two times that I visited...

    Anyway, I'm playing Raving Rabbids now. Check it out! It's cool! Sure, you throw your hands at enemies. But it doesn't show blood and stealing, nudity and money. It's just a fun little game.

    Story: All the rabbits in the land have suddenly gone rabid and nobody knows why. It's up to our hero to figure it out. The "rabbids" are kinda cute, too. They wave carrots out of holes in the ground, scream at you "Daaaaaaah!" and dance and fly around in the air.

    When I got this game for Christmas, I was like...whew, boy! Might as well have bought me a Clifford the Big Red Dog game! But then I started playing it and really got into it.
  11. Rofl, those rabbits scare me! Disturbing little rabbits. Lol
  12. I still remember when they first came out with “pong”.

    Now that was an awesome game!!!! :D
  13. I agree, Mario can be pretty intence when looked at it properly:
    If they ever DO make an XBox Mario game, that's probably what it would look like.

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