Victory is the LOrds Yeshua of Nazareth REIGNS

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  1. Victory is the LOrds Yeshua of Nazareth REIGNS

    Hallelujah Gory to God on High Victory Overwhelming Victory is the Lords my only Boast is Yeshua of nazareth Glory to God victory Shout YESHUA REIGNS Forever Glory to God blessed be His Holy Majestic Glorious Powerfull and Mitghy Name Glory Blessed be Your Holy Name forever to you alone i bow the knee Glory Victory is the Lordfs Hallelujah .Oh and byt the way there is only one WAY YESHUA of nazareth is the WAY one gospel one faith and woe to those who try and decieve HIS dear people.GOD bless love you all.
  2. Amen and Glory to God .
  3. Hallelujah!!!
  4. .[​IMG]Hallelujah!
  5. HalleluYAH bro :)
  6. Hey, what a great Hallelujah chorus we all could be ..... Yay !!!!

  7. By grace i stand through faith working in love Yeshua of nazareth is Lord my only and everything i
    need Him more than the air i breathe.His grace is sufficient for me.

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