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  1. I was born, just as World War II, just as the two conflicts were ending and ecause of this I did not know real conflict until President Johnson decided to upscale the Vietnam Civil War into a matter of world concern. With a prolific German grandfather and Irish grandmother I had uncles that fought in WW II and in Korea. One of my German named uncles even died fighting his relatives in Europe for the good of this nation.

    My dad, my Step-father, was a twelve year, two war American Veteran and I had real life heroes. Lying here on my VA supplied Hospital Style Bed, I'm watching Hannity interview General McChrystal and I'm struck by one of his comments, “A veteran is a person you thank for their service when you see them in the airport.” There is more truth in that statement than any non-vet will ever dwell upon.

    From the moment this nation declared itself, it has been dependent upon the men willing to die for it's right to exist. We have, in these, most, recent years not cared to know these men for more reasons than I'll ever care to examine but men that are willing to die for what they believe in will be forever required until the LORD ends this mess and recreates the world, perfected.

    The missing truth, I didn't forget, they don't live in your community and you don't want to know them, these nuts that believe so much in the safety of there moms, sisters, wives, girlfriends and children that they walk into live gunfire to stop it. If you choose to respond to this post, please think before typing. I am not talking about you son, your brother or the kid in your church that you send the most useless things imaginable to in a country you could care less about.

    I wear pins for some of my medals on my hats and I get these condescending “Thank you for your service,” remarks all of the time. No man and no woman can ever take the spittle that dripped from my face in November of 1969 away. I knew before I came home that the American people despised me, my men and my Officers and I did not care then and I still do not care! Those of us that defend this nation, against your desire to allow your children to be slaughtered in their front yards and much worse for not resisting, will not see this country in the condition we have seen overseas because of the nation's, in general, cowardice.

    I did not call you a coward! However, you might want to ask yourself, “What am I doing to shore up the defense, the required defense, of this nation.” And if you see a GI on the highway, can he spend a night on your couch and get supper and breakfast before going on?
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  2. You got that right!
    Fellow DAV; David Louton, PO First Class, Seal Team Four
  3. Hello davelou,
    That day, November 24, 1969, I was not even close to being a Christian and I did not bother to wipe my face until the Cop stopped me and told me to leave Frisco before he delivered the Hippie to the hospital, wrote his report and came back to arrest me. There were a few but they were, as they, by and large, are now, quiet! There is a photo of a Killer Spade, in Afganistan and several other honorable Christian soldiers and it kills me that nobody in the Church can tell you who's photo is there except the families of these men. As a people, we are just blowing hot air!
  4. Oh! And the stupid pins are to remember the MIA and Deceased, not me and that is the least likely for anyone but another vet to think about. I never, intentionally, ranked more than SP/5/acting jack three stripper and Senior Crew Chief but the very best and the very bravest men I have ever known served with and under me and almost exclusively, just like today, their kids! Old men are not crazy enough to land an aircraft in the middle 0of a gunfight! My 19 year old Wobbly One waqs to dumb not to and God blessed the entire load of unbelieving idiots... beyond all measure.

    God really is good!
  5. Hi Bill, I come from a country where we havnt seen war in my generation except for a few minor border conflicts, so I cannot relate to how you feel. But I am led to tell you this:

    The most important person in the kingdom of God acknowledges who you are and what you have done for your country and fellow man. What is important is not the war you have fought with your flesh and blood, but the war you have fought on behalf of others for the extension of God's kingdom. Jesus was also mocked and scorned because the world did not know Him or His purpose, Jesus loves You and your eternal reward awaits you one day in His kingdom!
  6. Well my brother, you already know how I feel. As for you, you are a friend and brother in Christ whom I have grown to respect and love.

    I hope and pray that you will fell better and be able to do the things you want to do.

    Allow me to say that when I was in combat, I did not think of my country at all. My concern was for my buddy next to me. Is he alive? Is he locked and loaded? Is he awake!!!! He is hit.......where!
    I think if the truth be told, we all felt that way when all hell broke loose. When I returned home, my focus then was on my family and I could care less what someone said or thought. I guess the war made me cynicle toward others, I don't know but I can tell you today that I have not one single regret in what we did whatsoever.

    I guess age does that to all of us Bill. We tend to say more than we should and care less what we least that is my problem.
  7. LOL! Everyone I hang with, like you and i could care less what others think. A few of us wear the badges to remind folks of the real heroes and the young or new Vets get it but very few others, even after it is explained, never do. I've noticed the young mothers seem to have realized their youngsters need heroes to look up to and for me that is the hardest part. I do what I can to cause people to remember the ones that are still MIA and the ones that took a vacation in Hanoi so that they remember it is not about me or you. That is more easily understood by the Little People but they still want us to be their life models.

    My adopted daughter's uncle, Walter, and I are lining out a new ministry that will be great fun. I have purchased two Wing Dragon Sportster RC Airplanes and Walter has a couple of Control Line stunt models and we are going to begin teaching the neighborhood youngsters to fly and to memorize scripture. We will be doing a lot of repairs, Iḿ sure, but it is going to be a blast and our new pastor is excited about it.
  8. Sounds great! I hope that it will be succesful in every way!
  9. I got a doctor appt. in OK City tomorrow. The place is packed with kids now. All coming home from the fight. Were we really that young?
  10. A long, long time ago... almost "Once upon a time..."

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