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  1. Veggies

    My nephew just loves these. Who else watches/ used to watch these guys?

    I did when I was little.

    Hey, I wonder if they've ever had a fruit on the show..... or would that be too much for the kids? XD
  2. Well… technically speaking… a tomato is a fruit.
    And that cucumber?
    That’s a fruit too. :)

    I think they’re deceiving the little children. :(

    When I was young, I watched the Fonz tell everyone to eat their veggies.
    He is one cool dude. :cool:
  3. I've been having a hard time coping, even though it's true, with the fact that a tomato is scientifically a fruit. I mean even the V8 VEGETABLE cocktails have, and mainly I might add, tomatoes.

    Now you're telling me a cucumber is a fruit too!!? I'm going to need therapy you know.

    At least the carrots are untouchable.

  4. You got that right.

    The average person will consume 10,866 carrots in a lifetime

    Carrot Trivia 1
  5. Here’s one for you Mark.
    Turn off the TV. :D

    Wild rabbits do not eat carrots - you have been watching too much Bugs Bunny !

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