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    Hello everyone;

    We began our first full week of Vacation Bible School today, June 12th and will run through Friday, June 16th, 2017.

    It was 3 years ago when one of our church family members submitted a vision plan for our Children's Ministry and we launched our first children's Sunday school on September 2014.

    With one teacher we held Children's Sunday school twice a month. Today we have 4 teachers and the children have Sunday school weekly.

    Our teachers and the response of other church family members helped prepare VBS and was incredible! It brought everyone and our children closer together which was very encouraging and a lot of fun! Praise God!

    If you can share your church family's VBS experience I would be grateful.

    Please keep our children and other new children attending in prayer during this week's VBS. We have already made new friends with the parents.

    God bless you all and thank you!
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  2. Greetings Bob,

    Wow! How awesome to know your having vbs all week. Will Definitely be keeping you all lifted up in prayer!

    Took me back in my memories, to be a young girl going through vbs at my own church... one of my favorite times of summer. So many great memories. And then vbs with my children when they were little.

    What a great time the kids have, for sure.

    Blessings and prayers
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  3. We will keep the light on for you bobinfaith
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  4. Growing up, my parents made sure I attended VBS most every summer that I remember. That's been a long time ago and I'm so thankful... it's where my journey began.
  5. I grew up going to what we called "Summer School" which was really a church morning school held summers in a local public school building for kids in our congregation. I remember first hearing wonderful bible stories there about people in the bible like Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph at Bethlehem (and it wasn't Christmas either), Abraham and Issac, baby Moses in the basket, Old Moses crossing the Red Sea, the stories of the Apostles, the miracles of Jesus, and more which were inspiring but not as life changing as an understanding of what the gift of salvation through Jesus really meant for me personally, i.e, John 3:16. Consequently I believed in Jesus but didn't accept Him as my Savior until I was 17 and that was through the encouragement of friends from other churches.

    However, years later when I was the one in charge of the children's ministry in another church including the Sunday School and VBS..I made sure that the full gospel was shared. And did a teacher training workshop before the VBS to help prepare those who served as teachers and assistants. God was good to use the memory of what I had missed before 17 to understand their primary need to understand what John 3:16. meant to them personally.
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  6. Thank you, everybody! After reading your posts the one thing that comes to mind is what was remembered and learned from Vacation Bible School and Summer School.

    We finished our first full week of VBS 2017. Our children included children from other churches all responded wonderfully to the truth about Christ Jesus. He centered His love amongst the children which was most important. They formed new friendships, bonded during the lessons, was on a first name basis very quickly and overall had great fun all week!

    We're encouraged to pray and plan for next year's Vacation Bible School.

    God bless you all.
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  7. That is good news, bobinfaith, thank-you for updating us! God bless you and your church.
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  8. Aww that's a lovely story. I will keep your church in my prayers. Glad the children bonded . Praise be to God!
    I have no Sunday school memories as I wasn't sent. But boy oh boy am I making up for it now.my family wasn't very into it all.
    But I think now I'm really interested in His Word I'm hooked

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