Utterly frustrated!!

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by bratface75, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Utterly frustrated!!

    Ok, so I have been chastized time and time again how I have never played --Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy-- or any magical mystical LIE to my children. I have recently been made to feel as if I am "TOO RELIGEOUS" on this topic.
    I have gently explained that it was my personal conviction as raising children in the admonition of the Lord NOT to lie to them about a Santa Clause that comes to the house on a Sleigh with Reindeer and brings presents. Let alone an Easter Bunny that has NOTHING to do with the Resurrection of Christ but yet a detour for unbelievers to make money and fill the heads of young children to avoid the truth.

    Why would my children --who are taught to not lie, and trust Godly authority-- believe me about a God you cannot visually see or touch when I have spent years lying to them about fake charactors?

    Thanks for listening..
  2. I have read the information you sent to me.
    I will respond when I have more time but saw your post and I do want to assure you that I think you are spot on when it comes to your beliefs.

    I personally don't think there is any real harm in raising kids with the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus, any more than I think there is harm in dressing up for Halloween, or taking them out on a "snipe" hunt. But you and I both know that it is not the truth.

    You chose to teach the absolute truth at all times, you refuse even to stretch it a litle for fun and tradition.

    There is nothing at all wrong with that. No harm comes from the truth.

    As for the document you sent to me, ..WOW!

    As I said, I will respond when I have a little bit of free time, but it will take me a little while. That entire e-mail is wrong on so many levels I hardly know where to begin.
  3. I also do not see harm in celebrating these days. However we must teach our children what the celebration is for.
    If you do not celebrate these bratface(i feel strange calling you that lol) I have the utmost respect for that decision. I can see where celebrating could cause confusion.
  4. No problem. I am asking for help with the clarity on that because for me, I know what the word says to me and I have chosen to follow what I feel God has shown me in his word. However, when it comes to philisophical mumbo jumbo (as that is what it is to me) I can't think clearly. LOL If that makes sense.. Thank you for your time.

    I am not stiff necked with the Celebrations.. We still cook feasts, play games, gift giving etc... I just don't choose to build up the anticipation by baking cookies and leaving some sort of false evidences for the children to build a "hope" for something that is not real. We still have a wonderful fun time, just leave out the dishonestness.
    Don't feel strange calling me bratface LOL --You would have to know my personality to know how it fits :) :eek:
  6. That is exactly what that letter is.
    It is that persons opinion of "this" and of "that"
    Lots of cherry picking verses, but none of the comments are based on scripture, only based on personal opinions and personal interpretations.

    Scripture interprets scripture, not emotion.

    Like I said, you can expect a clear and concise response in your in box, but it will be based on scripture, and not on my personal opinion of what I think maybe Paul might have had on his mind. :)
  7. I agree with you 100%. We as parents must learn to lead by example. If you act out something that is dishonest or a lie, how can you teach your children to do the right thing, say the right thing or better yet how much harm a lie can cause. God never mis-leads his children and we must follow that example. God does not lie. In Titus 1:2, "In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began." If we as children of God lead our children to believe in an Easter Bunny, Santa Clause or tooth Fairy or any of those tales. What are we doing? What are we conveying to our children. All good things comes from God and that is what we should teach our children so they are not saying "thank you Easter Bunny," "thank you Santa Clause," etc. Now, there is nothing wrong with having fun on those days with family and friends. But, when it comes to gifts that are received or given then the thankfulness should be towards God not fairy tale characters. Anything that takes the Glory away from God like dressing up as these characters I would not do nor ask anyone to do.

  8. I applaud you for your conviction and for sticking to your guns. I also think however that it's okay for kids to "play make believe". It develops their creativity and imagination. But I condemn no one on either side of the issue. Both my kids grew with these make believe things and they turned out okay. They're now 25 and 22, and they are Christians. They're not spiritual giants mind you but they are saved.
  9. Utterly Frustrated

    I very much respect this reasoning. I really don't see much problem with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus as long as the children realize that these make believe characters are just that (make believe) and see the need to impart the true meaning of the celebrations which are something to be revered and honored and the make believe is not any relation to the events these Holidays memorialize and these "cartoon" characters are only for amusement. I personally don’t think I would take these mythical figures out of the celebrations but would most certainly present the true meanings of what is important and what is just for fun. I do not hold it against those who choose not to incorporate these fantastical images and I do not think it is right for others to make you “Utterly Frustrated” for doing so.

    You are showing much Love and concern for your little ones and I believe you are probably inspiring (to others who might not share your views) people to really think about why they use these “comical” figures and possibly go about their usage with more discernment.
  10. Awaiting with anticipation... Again, I appreciate your time.

    This conviction -from when my daughter was 2- was when I heard a child say they didn't want God to bring them gifts, but Santa. At that point, I think that we can go too far in being too playful with our children's minds. God comes number one and if we teach them that a charactor is 'real' they will question if God is real when they become older.

    I totally agree with allowing our children to play make believe. That is so much fun and to watch the innocence of children being creative with playing is awesome. It makes me want to be a kid too!! LOL-- Maybe that's why we loved walt disney world so much and would LOVe to go back again!! My parents played Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Halloween etc... with us kids growing up, but didn't fill in the part about Jesus and how He is involved in some celebrations. My parents participate in the Catholic faith, my siblings are running from God and I am the outcast because I walk in my faith daily. I don't think in my family that it was the entertaining of santa or anything of that nature had that much of an effect but it is just one more thing that brings uncertainty.

    I have been warned though many times through out scripture that I will be mocked and made fun of. Although I am very head strong about this topic, I just would like to have the same thing Jesus had to overlook the hurt caused from my family's judgements.

    Thank you all for your reply's and encouragements. This is why I totally love this place. :D
  11. I totaly support your stance on this one. Lets each one follow their conscience towards God.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  12. I respect your viewpoints and am a bit the same way with my kids. I think Santa and the Easter Bunny are more for-profit commecializations than demonic, however.
  13. Hello

    I am convinced that it is foolish to mix up together Santa Claus, Easter bunny and Jesus. The people don't know what they really do, there is so much confusion and so many implemented lies that one can hardly differentiate what is still normal. I very much appreciate that you draw a clear line for your kids. It is rare to meet people not participating in these ridiculous celebrations that were made up to entertain instead of thinking seriously.
    And why should they believe you concerning the existence of god? The way you live matters to everyone around you because it expresses what is in your heart. This is what makes a difference from the average and makes attentive that there is something more than only what we see and touch.
  14. I do appreciate the support behind this. And the respect from those who don't necessarily agree. This is definately my own conviction. I just wish that my family would leave me alone about it and respect my wishes and not try to make me feel like a horrible parent who's kids are missing out on something.
    My relationship with God is more important. I do not wish to stand before God one day and have to give an account on why I didn't listen to him!!
  15. HEY!!
    Where have you been hiding???

    Long time no see.
    I pray all is well.
  16. haha! Hi!! I actually have been very busy with our adoption processes, still having rough days as I am getting ready to enter into the third tri-mester of the pregnancy and dealing with some discomforts including being exhausted and not sleeping well at night. Plus, it's nearing an end for the kids at school, and it's been SO busy getting all the paperwork completed for the different camps and activities this summer.

    I remember the days when my two oldest were little and how busy it was. I am learning how busy the days are with them being older and adding another little one and one on the way!!!!!!

    Hopefully it will slow down and I can actually catch up again! :)

    Hope all is well for you and your family! :)
  17. I agree with you Bratface75, I find some apprehension celebrating these holidays. I remember as a child the holidays I celebrated where more acceptable we didn’t celebrate Easter we had Pascua celebrating the Passover or last supper and Christ Resurrection and for Christmas we had The Three Kings day celebrating the nativity and birth of Christ.

    • Easter : Our God is a jealous God, then why celebrate a pagan goddess, which Easter is named for.

    • Christmas: We are celebrating the piety and generosity of an ancient Eastern Bishop of Myra In 340AD.
  18. I completely agree with you bratface on this subject (as someone else said, it seems weird calling you that...LOL).

    The schools here really get me. You are not allowed to mention anything even remotely connected to God, but they have no problem building up children's ideas of Leprechauns, Santa, Easter Bunnies, etc. I tell my children the truth about these things, but it must be confusing for them when a teacher insists that leprechauns are real and the green footprints in the classroom were from a leprechaun visiting after school hours. :eek:

    I think the commercialized versions of these occasions are harmful in that they reinforce worldly desires and feelings and just increase the chasm between unbelievers and God. Of course God can tear down that wall in a moment, but I still think that anything that can possibly harden one's heart towards God can't be all the good.
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  20. AMEN!!!!

    We do celebrate Easter and Christmas. But if you ask any of my children why, they will tell you about Jesus.

    Also, Easter is not named after a pagan goddess. That is a myth.

    SEE: http://www.christianforumsite.com/answers/22146-question-about-easter.html#post172361

    I am convinced Easter was named for the month the resurrection was celebrated. The invention of a pagan goddess began with an assumption that because most months were named after pagan goddesses, they all must have been. There is no evidence to support the assumption.

    The problem, IMO, is that Christians spend so much time focused on the myth instead of God.

    We should be talking about what Jesus did for us, but instead - every Easter/resurrection celebration - we spend more time talking about the myth.

    What a brilliant plan! Distract us with a myth. We think we are defending God, but what was the true result? Think about it.....
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