Using the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

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  1. Using the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

    In my reading of the New Testament recently I have noticed that although in the Gospels the disciples referred to the Lord as "Jesus", and Peter in Acts. 2:32, also refers to him by his personal name. This is not the general rule in the N.T.

    Even in Hebrews, looking at the Greek text, often where the word "Jesus" is used alone the Greek says "He". For example in Heb. 7:24 the Greek renders but He, because of his abiding for ever has the priesthood intransmissible". The King James renders "But this (man) because he continueth for ever has an unchangeable priesthood. (Man is in italics as the word does not occur in the Greek). Whilst the NIV renders "But because Jesus lives for ever has a permanent priesthood.

    Anyway my thought is this: Should we refer to the Lord simply as "Jesus"? It seems the early Church used the "Lord Jesus" or "Jesus Christ" or the "Lord Jesus Christ".

    Perhaps others have thought of this and have opinions.

    God bless us as we learn together.
  2. The proper name, would be "Yeshua of Nazarene, son of David"

    The name we use; "Jesus" is actually a mis-transliteration of a Greek mis-transliteration. In fact the Aramaic language does not even have a letter "J" in it.

    In Hebrew, the name Yeshua literally means "Salvation". (I know, Greek has no "Y" sound, but Latin does, as I said it is a mis-transliteration.)

    Christ means "Messiah"
    So again, to be proper, we would not say Yeshua Messiah, we would say Yessuah THE Messiah.

    Just as John did in John 20:30-31

    The early scribes held the name of God is such high reverence that they had a special quill pen used only to write the name of God with. When they were recording the manuscripts, and came to the name of God, they would put down their pen, write the name one time with the special pen, and then retire it from writing forever. It had served a glorious purpose.

    I wish we all still held that same level of reverence for the name of God today. I give thanks for people like you Jeanann who still hold the name of God in such high esteem and take the time to ask and to learn.

    I know of some who refuse to write the name of God at all, as I have just done. You may see it written as G-d, or Y-sh-. They do that so that if the paper is ever destroyed, or if, in this case, the web page is ever deleted, that the name of God will not be deleted in any way.
    Again, tremendous respect for the most Holy and Glorious of all names.

    Personally, I have no objection to the use of "Jesus" or "Christ" or "God" when speaking or writing, so long as it is done with the respect and reverence that Holy name is due.

    When I hear people throw the name of the Lord around in casual conversations, I am very quick to rebuke them. But when it is used for His glorification, I love to hear it in any language! :)
  3. For my two cents ....

    I would use and do use the name Jesus Christ ....Mainly because the Bible says in the last day there will be many jesus's. I only know one Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour . He alone is worthy to be called King of Kings and Lord of Lords ... Amen and amen .
  4. Usally I say LORD JESUS. That just seems to come most natural. I have said JESUS CHRIST some, but sometimes I use JESUS alone as well.
  5. I had hoped more people would post here, as this question has raised a lot of discussion in groups. Personally, as the Lord's friends on earth chose to use either Lord Jesus or Jesus Christ rather than the Lord's given name, I tend to use those addresses as well.

    I suppose what has raised this though in my mind particularly is that I have noticed over the last few years that reverence for the Lord's name, and reverence in worship have declined, and I wondered if this had been noticed by others.

    God bless us as we learn together.
  6. The name of Jesus is an important one to know the real meaning.

    When we say we believe in Jesus, we need to know what His name represents.

    The name Jesus is a Greek name based on the Hebrew name Joshua, which means 'Jehovah is salvation' or 'Jehovah saves'.

    This is important to know because now we can understand better why Jesus said that we can only be saved through Him. Jesus is God!(Jehovah).

    Strongs dictionary

    The title 'Christ" is a messianic title, which the Jews understood very well. The OT has many prophecies as to the coming of the Christ or the Messiah. The word 'Christ' is a title which identifies Jesus to His ministry or calling on earth.

    Also from Strongs

    Another title frequently used is that of 'Lord'.

    The angel Gabriel also gave names to Jesus.

    The names given to Jesus clearly indicate that He is God.
    When the disciples refered to Jesus as the Christ or as Lord they where referring to Him in relation to God.

    So when we pray in the name of Jesus, we are actually praying in the name of God Himself so we should realise the immense respect and reverence we should pray in.

    So when other religions claim that their prophets are superior to Jesus, then they are actually committing blasphemy.

    No other name can save other than that of our Lord Jesus Christ!
  7. Some may say that the Jews worship the same God as the Christians as they too worship God in His true name 'Jehovah'.

    The difference is that Christians acknowledge the atonement that comes with Jesus Christ. The law is fulfilled and a new law has been prescribed for all men. The law cannot save, nobody could ever keep the law and only through the grace of God and the the gift of God (The sacrifice of Jesus) can a person be saved.

    Gods name is not buddah, isa, allah, mohammed. brahma, vishnu, shiva, baal, zeus etc etc simply because those names do not identify with the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    When people say they believe in god, what do they actually believe in?

    Paul says that only those that acknowledge that Jesus is Lord (Jehovah) are true christians and that when we preach we should preach that Jesus is God.

  8. That is some good info here. I would like to ad this:
    Jehovah is a Germanic mistranslation. YHWH or Yahweh or even Yahovah would be closer to the original. One must remember that the original text contained no J's or vowels can get us closer. But a then the Lord knows who we are speaking to does He not?
    My opinion:
    In the same way if I call Him Jesus, Yeshua or Lord He knows full well I am talking to Him. I do not see it as a problem as long as it is Him I am talking to. And if I am born again with the Holy Spirit residing in me I cannot help but connect to the right party.:)

  9. Brilliant!! :)

  10. Nope, I cannot take that title as it has already been assigned to you Kev!:D
  11. I believe it depends on the context in which it is used. To use a human example, I used to belong to a group that recognized bishops as part of the church structure. The Australian bishop was a personal friend. When we were talking personally I would never think of addressing him as anything other than "Harry"; but if I was preaching in his church and referred to him, it would always be "Bishop ..."; and if I was referring to him in a formal address he always got the full "Rt. Rev. Dr. ..."

    In the same way, in my personal relationship with the Lord, He is always "Jesus" or "Lord". When talking about Him, He is "Christ", "Jesus Christ" or "the Lord Jesus Christ".

    One thing to note is that when using the Lord's Name in spiritual warfare or when addressing demonic forces, it is best always to use the full title, The Lord Jesus Christ. The devil is a legalist, and has been known to point out that they have a Jesus on their side, too. (apart from the many who have lived who have had the name Jesus, Barabbas, the terrorist whom Jesus replaced on the Cross, is said to have been named Jesus. "Barabbas" also means "son of the father", so his name was literally "Jesus son of the father." Shows just how far the devil will go in his counterfeiting efforts!)

    On the question of other gods being the same as God, my response generally goes something like this: The God of the Bible manifested Himself in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Any god that did not do that is not the same as the God of the Bible. You cannot strip the Second (and Third) Person out of the Trinity and say it's still the same God.


  12. That's a very good point.
    In our denomination, the head clergy is called "Pastor".

    The thing is, everyone calls that person Pastor, even if they are not members of that church.

    A Pastor serves a specific congregation. Therefore, if I meet someone who pastors a congregation other than the one I am a member of, it is proper to refer to them as "Reverend" or "Doctor" as the case may be, but not "Pastor" as they are not my pastor.

    (But I do it all the time, I think most people do.)

    You sure got that one right RevLynn.

  13. Thank you Kevin for this very informative study . God Bless you brother . I bolded the very important part . There is no other name but the name of Jesus that has power and authority . We can come to the throne of grace knowing that we serve a God who is who He says He is ..... The great I AM.... the Alpha and Omega ... the beginning and the end .

    What a mighty God we serve . !!!!1:israel::israel::israel::jesus-sign::jesus-cross:
  14. :D:D:D:D "Down pride, down" The view is pretty good from atop this pedestal! :D:D:D:D:D and the wind is so warm :D, getting hotter:); Hey where that fire come from?:mad: Ararggggggg its burning.......

    Seriously, the only claim I can make is that i strive to be a servant in Jesus' kingdom.

    On the topic of titles given to pastors, priests etc; as Christians we should give them the respect they deserve. Jesus said we should not call anybody 'Father', in other words do not put anybody, even a priest on the same level as our heavenly Father, this is idolatory, but calling a priest by his title is a sign of respect! We do not have to lift them up as gods or swell them with pride but we should respect them. They have been (not all of them) called out by God to lead His flock!

    The world has lost its respect for its fellow man, especially with children who have no or very little respect for older people.

    This is my opinion, and I know it differs from culture to culture, but I grew up the hard way learning to respect people and the position they hold. It also helps us to remain humble.

    In the same way we should respect the way in which we address Jesus and the way in which we portray Jesus to the world. If we come across with very little respect for His name then how will the world learn to respect Him?
  15. I have much love for you brother. The rest is just having a little fun. I am however pleased to see you growing in His grace my friend.:D
  16. Whenever I speak of The Lord I speak or refer to Him as that "the Lord Jesus or The Lord. I NEVER refer to Him just as "Jesus" I feel that it is disrespectful.
    I know some of you will jump up and at that...but thats my opinion
  17. I would be surprized if anyone did. I think the large variety of posts and points of view here is exciting. The one thing all of these views including your's have in common is the Reverence for His Holy name.


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