Using Tarot Cards?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by TrueChristian1990, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Is it wrong for a Christian to use Tarot cards?

    I know divination is a sin, but Tarot seems more like a game than anything else.

    Does anyone have any experience with tarot? Are there any dangers to playing with it, as poosibly opening up a portal for demons to waltz right through?

    I have heard many a frightening tale about the Ouija board, which clearly seems demonic to me. I will not touch one.

    But what of Tarot cards? Some thoughts would be helpful.
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  2. Webster's defines divination as the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers

    Some will say that the cards work by connecting to an outside source.
    Some people will tell you that they work by connecting with your spirit or subconscious.
    Regardless, their intent is to divine things unknown.

    So, in short, you basically answered your own question.
    Be wise and stay away from them.
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  3. I'd personally give them a wide berth.
    Ask God if it's right and make your decision from there.
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  4. Do you believe that there is no God in Israel?
    The OT answered that one quite well.
    NO DIVINATION. Of any kind.
    If you need to know something, ask God. If He doesn't answer, it's none of your business.
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  5. Definitely wrong, stay away from tarot cards.

    I once consulted a tarot card reader and the whole experience was extremely disturbing. The woman got everything right, it was creepy as hell and today I have no doubt there was demonic activity in that room.
  6. Keep away.
    The same goes for horoscopes, even to the silly versions found in newspapers. I know many will view this as just an amusement, and say that they know that they are not real, but this is just training yourself to take these lightly while the back of your mind is being filled with garbage, teaching yourself to pass everything off as just fun.

    Even realizing how Ouija boards seem to work, (a lot of subconscious and subliminal control, sometimes willful control by one participant) I will choose not to take part.

    As far as demonic, the enemy and his fallen followers are real, but they are usually better hidden and work in more clandestine manners, but that does not mean that these things are harmless.
  7. King Solomon used divination. Remember, such mention is things you'll find in what are labeled the Apocryphal books. Non-Canonical. You'd have to do your own research to find full Bible study to be advantageous to answer questions such as yours here.
    Also, much of the Bible is prophecy.

    You can conduct your own search for "Tarot images origin" and such. This kind of topic doesn't go far in Christian circles.

  8. So by all means do your research among the heathens. Really? Are you kidding me?
    What kind of advice is that?
    By all means ask the Satanists what their opinion is.
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  9. Christian fellowship with Gd involves prayer, meditation, feeding ourselves with the Word, worship in song and solemnity.
    Crystal balls, boards, palm reading, chicken decapitation, witchcraft, voodoo are all contrary to Biblical teaching and an affront to that fellowship.
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  10. Do not believe in using those. Sorry! As it is against the Christian faith!
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