using evil to do good

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  1. using evil to do good

    this is a wrong approach you are building his kingdom of lies.
  2. Smelly, can you give us an example maybe? Thank you.:)
  3. There once was a saying (and maybe it's still around) that "The end justifies the means." That's saying that you can use any method as long as the end result is good. I don't believe that Jesus would allow sin among His people just because it gets good results. That would be like a church using strippers and a booze party to bring in those who normally wouldn't set foot in a church. Yes, they hear the gospel (hopefully), but what other message is that
    church giving out with their attitude of "The end justifies the means"?
  4. this world is satans kingdom.being built by us.i don,t want satan,but still work for him.i hate satan,but still i need to work.i shout to satan that he is wrong.but still i work...........without God Jesus and the holy spirit,i would become a satan droid.but i say go and die muppet boy.:D
  5. When someone is willing to use an evil means to acheive a good end, I doubt that their goal is really that good end that they claim they want.
  6. But God of course, in all his perfect glory, can use evil for good :)
  7. Michael,
    I do understand what you mean.

    Just remember,
    we are IN this world but not OF this world!

    We have to live in society , we have no choice, but we also need to stand apart from those who do not profess Christ

  8. correct.and the builders who rejected Jesus will stumble and fall.and i don,t think this means manual workers.but the people who exploit them,and when Jesus comes,it will be the oppressors who will be drowned under a a sea of water.:D
  9. You may be building satan's kingdom, but I'm not. As for me, I will serve the Lord.
  10. everyman that as ever worked is building his kingdom.we are slaves to build,through money etc.
  11. But then that's not a good end if there's some bad resulting...

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