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  1. Maybe because I look like a movie star? Wahahaha! Joke!

    I don't know about Josh but it's actually a Catholic song. It was composed by Michael Joncas, a Catholic Priest, in 1979 after Vatican Council II, when the Catholic Church began using vernacular hymns at Mass (as per Wikipedia)
  2. Thanks John ( the movie star ..... he he )
  3. Oh, my user-name? It's based on my real name... Phil... Phillip. But Just call me Phil. That will do. That will do... Mhm...
  4. Hahaha Phil . that's great . :)

    hey Katie! i was listening to this one on Youtube and was reminded of this thread :)

  5. I had no idea what name to use when I joined but the Lord just dropped this name into my spirit. I guess because He is always telling me to speak what He says.
  6. Awe yes the user name thread....

    Well Mine is FAT MAN GO BOOM it is base off of me being well a FAT MAN and the GO BOOM part is do to an illness I have... so that is me in four words.... or less...
  7. Mine is Cehsja. It's the name of a character in a novel I'm writing. It's pronounced Kay-sha.

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