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  1. User Names

    I know in the past we have had this thread before but now because we have so many new faces , I thought I would start it again .

    Do you have a meaning or thought behind choosing your user name ?
  2. DUSTY..... Named after my cat . I guess cause I love her so much and for lack of another name ; that 's what I chose. I know I am not very creative , but what can I say ... Ho Hum .... :p
  3. I can't even begin to try to explain my name. I've tried in the past, and I've always failed miserably because it's got bits and pieces from so many places. Let's just say, I needed a name when I first discovered the internet, and that was what came to my head.
  4. My name was created right after September 11th and the attack on our country. My name means, I absolutely love my country and I don't want us ever to forget what happened on that horrible day and the innocent lives that were lost.

    Blessings, Cheri
  5. "Riding for the Son" is the slogan of the motorcycle group that I belong to.
    Christian Motorcyclists Association | CMA USA

    I am verry passionate about Jesus and about motorcycles, I always have been.
    When I could barely walk, I was riding on gas tanks, when I got older I started riding my own bikes. I grew up in club houses, ran with people who had been in jail, prison, had tattoo's, took drugs, got drunk, got in fights...

    One day I realized that we all have a God sized hole in our hearts, and we can either fill it with Jesus, or try to fill it with other stuff. Once I learned that, I needed to share what I had learned with others.

    Now, I ride, not just because I love motorcycles, but because I can share what I have learned with people who really need to find what it is that they are looking for.

    The Son. :)
  6. Mine is just based on my actual name.
  7. My name is based on all that God has bought me through. If it had not been for Him in my worst moments in life, I would not be here today. I love our Lord so much and He has always been there for me. That is why I chose "Godbe4me"
  8. my user name

    My real name is Jared. My friends nicknamed me Jaerod (pronounced Jay-Rod) many years ago and it has stuck every since. The "79" is from the year i was born, of course being 1979. :)
  9. I think my name sort of speaks for itself.

    No matter where I am or what I am doing I am always . . .

    In His Love!

    :dance: :cross: :cross: :dance:

    Thank You Lord!
  10. Oooh, I like these kinds of posts!!

    Well, I used to call myself 'Near' (IDK why?), then I elongated it to 'NearertoGod'. I like to think of it as me getting nearer to God in my walk, closer to Him. 'Near' was kind of simple...I thought NearertoGod was more unique and me.

  11. My username.
    which is my username.
    Is my name.


    Ok let us have a story!
    when joining this forum I was this close to using my REGULAR username
    --> || that close.
    but then I decided that I would be a bit more professional and serious here. (yeah that lasted a long time huh?)
    Anyways. My usual username for nearly Every. Single. Thing. else I forum is, (drumroll)
    Why? Well that name is all thanks to a lovely game called Everquest.
    A game which made the MMORPG genre what it is today. Anywho, I was fiddling around trying to make a new character (I made a new one constantly because I was never really able to level up in that game...) and using the ranodm name generator I got Zebasiz!
    And since then me and Zeb have been inseperable!
    Final note:
    It's pronounced Zeb-as-is !!!! NOT Zeb-A-sis !! Why is that so hard for people to get?>!?!!! :mad::mad::mad: Rage! :p
  12. My user name is just based on my real name. :D

    This is a great thread btw. :)
  13. I Played Everquest 1 & still play Everquest 2. I have 2 max level characters (80th) and a 79th level character atm. Ever-Crack... errr... I mean Everquest rox! :D

  14. :D:D:):)Richard .... You're a hoot ( And I mean that in a nice way )
  15. John Jervis is the second greatest Admiral of Naval History.


    I would have used Admiral Horatio Nelson (who was, of course, the greatest Admiral in Naval History) but I don't want to use his name here (a Christian forum) because he was an adulterer. But when it comes to Naval tactics, he was the best.
  16. Well my name is based on my last name Lockard but it is an older spelling that I like I traced my family history back to Scotland and I find that stuff very interesting so I use the name Lockheart on the net whenever available!
  17. I was born & raised in The U.S. but my heritage is Scottish on both sides of my family. Good to see another Scot on the forums. :D
  18. I wanna travel to Scotland someday. Probably when my daughter is a teenager because I highly doubt her Mom will let me take her oversees at 6. Looks like a beautiful place!
  19. My username is my real name just Tavy.

  20. Awwwww.... just Tavy she says . You are more than just Tavy . You are a daughter of the most High God .... you are highly favoured and honoured. :):D:D

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