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Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by Fish Catcher Jim, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Colonel
    Is it possible to make the member user names in either Pink or Blue depending on their gender?

    Or a M or F by the member tag.

    With the user names and avatar pictures it is getting hard to tell and it gets tough sometimes having to go check in the middle of writing a post to only find a very limited filled out profile.

    I wish gender and age and area of the world was mandatory.
    Just asking
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  2. Good question Jim.
    I'll see what I can do.
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  3. That would be nice...i love the color pink.
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  4. Fluro pink right here :LOL:
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  5. Sounds like the ladies like the pink. ;)
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  7. My pleasure.
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  8. Thank you Colonel; I like this feature. ;)
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  9. I have a question which is how do you start a welcome thread? I said Hi my name is Jonathan and I clicked it
    and it said error.
  10. Sent you a pm sir!
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  11. My user name shows in I have to post for a period of time before it can be a color or is there a way I can change it to green? If so can't find where. Thanks much. :unsure:

  12. It's either
    Pink for female
    Blue for male
    Black if gender not checked
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  13. In my personal details gender is checked female and has been so....still my name is in black. Have I missed somewhere else? Thanks.
  14. Looks blue to me :)
  15. Well then it shall turn pink.
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  16. Am a wife married 56 years in July, a mom of three, and a grandmother of 2. Trust me on this. I am female! If you are serious I am wondering if the colors differ according to who is viewing them. ??
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  17. It's not pink. Is there a specific time when it turns pink like after so many posts or is this a technical glitch. I am not color blind. :D ??
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  18. sandpiper
    It's a tech glitch and have reported it and should be fixed soon.
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  19. Thanks, FCJ, appreciate that and all you do here! Blessings.
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  20. Your Very Welcome sandpiper
    It's a Blessing to Serve in any way I can and especially a Blessing with Wonderful Brothers and Sisters such as yourself.
    God Bless
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