Useful Grill Tip

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  1. Useful Grill Tip

    If you don't have a grill thermometer (and most don't), Here's a quick way to estimate your heat.

    Hold your hand palm-down, just above the grill. Count "one-thousand-one, two-thousand-two" etc...

    If you can keep your hand in place before pulling away:

    5 seconds - it's a low fire......(250)
    4 seconds - it's medium........(300)
    3 seconds - it's medium hot...(350)
    2 seconds - it's a hot fire.......(375)

    1 second - you should apply a good burn ointment.
  2. I could have used that yesterday!:p
  3. sounds like a ouchy idea
  4. Iy musta bin hot last night cuz I got blisters!! LOL I did not have a spatula. Well I was doing asbestos I can! Heheheeh :)
  5. crack puppy up, oh me, what am I gonna do with you??

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