USA Veterans Day

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  1. November 11 is Veterans Day in the US... a day set aside to remember and honor those brave patriots who have served this country to protect us all from those who would like to destroy us, and for protecting our Constitution and our way of life. Our Constitution guaranties our rights of free speech, our right to worship as we please and our right to protect ourselves from harm. Military Veterans have fought countless battles to keep our Constitution safe since it was ratified in 1789 and even few years before that while it was being drafted.

    Our thanks, our thoughts and our prayers go out to all persons who have served our country with pride. May God bless those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and may God watch over those who are in active military service for safety.

    For persons outside of the US, please honor your own veterans appropriately and thank them for their service.
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  2. Amen! For all of those who have served in the military....thank you for your service! And may the blessings of the Lord overtake you and be abundant!

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