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USA becoming godless

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by THALLON, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Sure Glad God does not seek the wisdom of man and his beliefs.
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  2. Same here in the UK.
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  5. We ain't got until the 2030's.
    There are consequences for turning away from the Word of God and sound doctrine.
    By 2017 there will be world war.
    Prophecies concerning Syria and Damascus will come to fruition soon, good chance 2016.
    2017 and the war against the Jews and Jerusalem should be happening.
    Watch and pray.
  6. It's good to see a study that puts figures on what is a very distinct atmosphere of visible proofs in the secular realm.
    I chat up strangers now and then and they return the favor when I'm out running errands. The elderly people I've spoken with all have one common observation about the worlds events today. They all without fail say that they're glad they're old and are going to die soon so that they don't have to watch this world grow worse.

    One woman was in her 90's and I can't even begin to imagine the shock of watching this world change over 9 decades as she was there to witness it. From a time when you could leave your doors unlocked and, as my grandparents would say, come home after church and find your neighbors had cleaned your house and washed the few dishes left in the sink.

    When jobs were flourishing in America after the depression and "Made In America" was a label on goods that was taken for granted.
    When street gangs were a thing found in musicals, and Hollywood scripted movies. When children could play in their yard in every neighborhood across America and not worry about being abducted by a predator, or shot by a gang banger in a drive-by.

    When a house was affordable at 8 thousand dollars, even with a loan. As compared to now when the price of a house back 30 years ago will barely get you a car with all the bells and whistles today. And while it may be "imported from Detroit", many parts of it are direct from China.
    When there was a clear line between black and white, i.e. moral and immoral. As opposed to now where the line blurs and calling immoral is not politically correct and could cost you your job.

    What a world.
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  7. WOW!

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