US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by freedom07, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. we need to pray for our troops and our Countries Leaders.:groupray:
  2. no more.:preach:
  3. What a terrible dilema- nobody wants war BUT do you sit by and watch a country that has sworn to destroy both the Us and Israel no matter what the cost- Abinajab ( sorry for the spelling) has repeatedly said he would use nukes on both our nations and I would surmise that would leave the entire mid-east as well as Europe in peril- what a fearful thing to have nukes in the hands of people who care absolutely nothing about life- there is no deterant for such people- yes let us pray our leaders to have much wisdom-
  4. no more pressure,no more manipulation,no more blackmail,no more more using religion as a war more lies,like iraq,s weapons of mass destruction,yes they found a tank, more bits of info to start a war.:jesus-sign:
  5. I don't understand what you mean by this? Call me silly but I am confussed by this comment.
  6. we wen,t to war with iraq with so called intelligence ,they had nothing.why would i trust this so called intelligence again.fabricated propaganda,i remember the photo evidence from sattelittes.:jesus-sign:
  7. I agree I just check the more well known news agencies (Cnn...) and there aren't any report to this effect about an attack against Iran.

  8. SC I hate to tell you this but Sadam had already used such weapons on his own people- the fact that they destroyed or got them out of the country didn't change the fact that he was heavy into chemical and biological weapons-
  9. don,t do what if,s.and i certainly don,t underestimate your there we disagree.:jesus-sign:
  10. thats cool-we have plenty of room to disagree as long as we are christians we are brothers and as such I have much love for you!
  11. no problem m8 ,we learn from goodness.
  12. We have already lost too many of our best and brightest! How many more families will be torn asunder?
  13. Those with power will not stop until they have all the power. Those who have power will continue to create reasons to keep the power. I firmly believe that the current administration is not done provocating violence. The fear-mongers will likely ensure that we stay at war for some time to come, no matter what party is in power. Until this nation has the courage to hold those responsible for crimes against humanity (liberals and conservatives alike) we will continue to see hatred and fear dictate foriegn policy...and policy here at home.

  14. We have to face reality, this world has changed. We now face the battle between good and evil and if "We the People" think we have a say in the matter we are sadly mistaken. This is not the war of yesterday, it cannot be won by Man's capabilities it is going to take the Hand of the All Mighty and it will be at His timing. So whether we like it or not we are in it for the long haul and may Abba Father have mercy on our soul.
  15. I was in the first gulf war and I can testify that it is a fact, he had chemical weapons. This was not a nice guy, he killed his friends, put live people into meat grinders. Used chemical weapons on his own people.
  16. History teaches us that Hitler could have been stopped easily if action was taken sooner- instead millions died- what is the right answer - only God knows- pray our leaders have wisdom from heaven.
    Just curious am I the only one who saw the multiple videos of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promising his people that he would nuke the USA?

  17. No, I too have seen these.

    I challenge anyone to find a verse in the Bible that prohibits war!! I would really like to see that verse.

    I completely agree with war for the right reasons.

    God commanded the israelites to go to war and destroy their enemies on several occasions. (He also allowed their enemies to attack and destroy them at times when they were disobedient as well)

    War is an interesting thing, because it takes war to get to a point of no more war.

    We have to destroy our enemies. They are never going to agree with us, sympathize with us or learn to live in harmony with us.

    Simple choice... We Die, or They Die..... I would prefer they die.
  18. Tensions are certainly rising in the middle east.

    The Iranian nuclear capacity is no-where near ready for an attack on any country, let alone the US. Reuters has stated it will be at least 10 years before this could become a possibility.

    The thing that frightens me is that this agenda to wipe out Iraq and Iran has been a major objective of certain western countries for at least a good 30 years.

    Iran is scared. Scared countries fast become unpredictable. What we need now more than ever are peace talks. I cannot agree with a call for war.
  19. we are already in a war,in our own lands.why do we need another one.

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