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  1. Hello everyone!! I have been away for quite a long time. Everything has been good. My parents were in US with us for the summer and they are back home to India now. It was so great to spend time with them after many years. My daughters are doing great. The little one is growing up so fast and in few weeks she would be 1 year! She keeps smiling and walking all over the house :)
    Good things are happening at our Church. We moved to a new larger building, putting faith on Lord that He would bring more souls to the Church. Keep our Church in prayers are we are going through transition to a new Senior Pastor. Please pray for my wisdom so do things in accordance in Lord's will as I am in leadership position. I might start doing Bible studies at my Church as well. Again, please keep me in your prayers :)
    Work is going okay. Things were very hectic with an audit. Now that is all over. I am hoping to spend more time here regularly in the coming months.
    Hope everything is good with you all as well...
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  2. That is all good news my brother. I am glad to see you are still active and I pray that your family is well and will stay that way.
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  3. Father, Thank You for Ravindran and his family! Thank You that they are Your sheep and they know Your voice. Thank You for Your hand of grace and abundance on their church and for giving them everything they need to encourage and disciple the new people coming in. Thank You that they can shepherd Your flock in every way that You desire, for You are giving them wisdom and preparing them for everything ahead. Bless them O Lord with grace and peace and godly wisdom in abundance. And make them very fruitful In Jesus Name Amen.

    Also prayin ps 91and a hedge of protection over you and your family and church family.

    God bless
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  4. This is very good news, I am pleased everything is going to plan.


    Watch over Ravindran and his family, guide him with his Church leadership and allow Bible study groups to be strong and engaging. Bless the Church Lord, also rain blessing over all of the parishioners.
    In Jesus name.

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