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    We have had some feedback from our community regarding the advertisements shown on our website. I have now disabled all picture / animation / flash / media ads and I have only allowed Google to show family friendly Text Ads. In addition to that, if you want to opt out of tracking by websites in general, please visit http://donottrack.us/ and follow their instructions on how to enable 'Do Not Track' request to websites you visit from your particular browser.

    Update: Ghostery shows 9 trackers on this website. They are all related to Social Media, Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Stopthehacker periodically scans our website files and outgoing links for Malware or phishing sites. We have maintained a good report so far.
  2. That is a good point I did not think about Jeff. You have maintained a good report. unfortunately WOT Gives ratings by connections and associations through domain names. It's not fair but what can you do.

    The first forum I set up with got a RED WOT rating by some far off distant connection and a domain through a domain to my domain who advertised false stuff. I complained and they explained how it all worked but I was not real satisfied with their explanation. One thing a christian site does not need is a bad Wot rating and having bad Ads will get you there pretty quick and you loose your green WOT rating.

    Talk Jesus has a yellow warning rating because of association with another domain.

    I understand WOT is to protect folks, but their rating system is not fair. I guess you get a yellow wot rating also if nobody for a certain period rates your site, and yellow means warning for no reason.

    Great Move Jeff :)

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  3. Google Adsense revenue has gone down.

    I'm inviting sponsors to directly advertise with us. For more information, click the 'Advertise' tab on top.
  4. I was going to suggest that, but It's good to keep quite unless asked. The right ads can help others here get to things they never thought were available.

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  5. Please pray that the right advertiser will find us.

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