"Unequally Yoked"

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  1. "Unequally Yoked"

    You know, a lot of people use this passage to claim that not only is a relationship between believer and nonbeliever a bad idea, but it also inevitably leads to fights and ugliness, usually due to the poor character of the non-believer.

    I have to say I find this a little... I don't know, not offensive, but at least an over-generalization. I know just such a couple, both of them are dear friends to me, and if being "unequally yoked" is a problem, then their relationship issues are invisible.
  2. How would you interpret that scripture?
  3. That is just the question I was going to ask- how do you interpret that scripture?
  4. How will the children be raised? Christian or other? When there is conflict between the two, which one takes precedence? Is the non-believer continually giving into the believer's views in every aspect? Because if they aren't, then it would be impossible to be a Godly husband/wife.
  5. It is God's Word not mine. What fellowship does spiritual darkness have with spiritual light? There will always be conflict. That does not mean the other person is not nice in many ways.
  6. Not giving in, but understanding their differences and finding that they are able to love each other. Religious discussions between them (and I have been present for some) never turn ugly no matter the context, and if anything it is the religious one who submits because she has the very strong belief that she should never make anyone feel judged. "It's not my place" is her mantra.

    Anyway, they aren't married (they're 17 years old!), so a lot of the potential problems don't come up. But I think that if they had children together, then it still wouldn't be an issue.

    My interpretation of the scripture is that believers and nonbelievers in such close quarters will be continually in conflict, to such a point where the closer they get to each other, the nastier things get. This seems to be the opposite of the couple I speak of.
  7. Well my interpretation of this scripture is that God says it's not a good idea - if God says so, then it isn't,,, no arguments.
  8. Hello,
    In this life lets be good. We have our Father in Heaven who has hinted us on ways out of many lifelong problems, this knowledge being one of such things. Why put such a wierd move to prove God wrong, or be the first to succeed in it, and help God to a lesson that it is not obvious.
    My Friend, I can tell you, -I fear God. You will hook up with one and the best it can be is: He will be fairly cooperative for a good long period of three years, after which he becomes the Estate playboy since you are enslaved by your two bouncing children, and that you are saved so you know God hates Divorce.
  9. Well, lets be fully honest here.

    Yes, while the Lord is against uneqully yoked marriage, He does provide provision for them. He declares, should an unequally yoked couple wish to marry, the unbeliever is covered by the blood of Christ thru the Believing spouce.

    While married, the Believing spouce is not acceptable by God to leave the marriage. Yet declares, if an unbelieving spouce wishes to do so, they are free to, leaving the Believer, available again for marriage.

    God declares so long as they are happy together, to let them be married as such. Yet the above is allowable if that should change.

    But, God does give us the warnings that the above posters shared for a reason. It is not God's ordination for an unequally yoked marriage. He only ordains True children of His marrying.

    Truth be known, there is no Biblical foundation for an unequally yoked marriage being condoned- (accepted and ordained) by God. For we can say all we want of any unequally yoked marriage being good when on its better times. But what will happen during trials or temptations for the couple where a strong belief and faith in God by both, are needed to keep the couple strongly united helping and supporting each other during those tough times?

    Lastly- "one flesh".

    This aspect for an unequally yoked marriage goes only so far as physical. As noted before, there is a clear contradiction between that of Light and that of Darkness. Therefore, God's original reasoning for a man and woman becoming "one flesh", engulfs both the physical and spiritual aspects of thier relationship.

    People can claim otherwise all they want, but it's still impossible to develope both in an unequally yoked marriage. There cannot be a spiritual bond developed between a child of God married to a child of Satan. We can be sure, at some point in time, a trial or temptation of considerable influence, will cause undue strife in an unequally yoked marriage and a greater possibility of division between the spouces because of thier beliefs.

    God Bless!!
  10. I am living in an unequally yoked marriage and I wish I could turn back the clock and have listened to the Lord. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I could undo my foolishness. I am now living with the consequences of my sins. And I pray almost daily for deliverance. Do not be fooled God will not be mocked. Listen to his words, they are for our good not evil. He sets up boundaries for us to keep us safe. He knows what will become of us. I really wish I had listened!
  11. Great topic.
    Unequally yolked in marriage is not good! This also applies to friendships and your environments.

    However, I believe once the decision was made to marry being unequally yolked, the covenant of marriage God created is sealed and God will bless that marriage.

    (This scripture helped me personally keep MY heart right)
    1 Peter 3:1 Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, 2when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.

  12. Maybe you don't see their problems on the ourside but what goes on inside their house might be a different story . People can put on a front in front of others and I am not suggesting that these people are like that .

    What I am saying is when I was married and I was in the world and came back to the Lord during my marriage , So that was a constant issue of contention . My spouse did not want me to go to church and we were always arguing over that issue to the point where he even restricted me from going so I am saying to young people to be very mindful and let God do the choosing for you .
  13. If there is any couple where one partner is a Christian and the other is not, then the one who is the Christian, it must not be very important to him/her because if it were it would definitely be an issue. now perhaps the Christian partner in the situation you know of keeps it to him/herself and is just praying, hoping, waiting....but esp. if there are children involved, the Christian partner would want the kids to grow up in the faith, don't you think? The non-Christian parent would have a lot of influence there.
  14. From experience, its very difficult for a believer to be with a non believer. At one point, I was the non believer and the believer left me cause they weren't submitting to God by being with me. Its a very difficult situation. Personally, now I see why that person left me. It wasn't an issue with the guy and I fighting. I thought we were perfect for one another. We fought, but it helped us learn more about each other. I could see the guy struggling with himself and more importantly his struggle with God. Trying to justify his actions and thoughts. He was not happy. He was more so fighting God by trying being with me.

    An equal yoke is important in a christian relationship. It helps both the individuals grow in Christ, but by one being a non believer it more so pushes the believer away rather then growing. Causing a problem.
  15. I know exactly what this is about, as I married a non-believer..this marrage has been a very very rough one as we were both brought up with such different views on what life is all about.

    I lived a life of going to church knowing God, and my husband well the total opposite..The norm for him was to get drunk and party and the norm for me was to dance and praise Jesue or better yet party with Jesus! I would stay home with the kids and work, while he had no worries what so ever.. As time would pass I would have to make a choice, leave em or join em.. I joined for awhile but it left me dry and angry deep inside.. I decided to follow Jesus no matter what, I was a firm believer in commitments and I stayed in this relationship, god hates devorce.. My husband has now become a true christian, sure he still has some issues and such as consistant complaining, but God is dealing with that..

    If I had a chance to revamp my life I would guarantee I would never get involved with a non-christian relationship or as the term is noted unequally yoked..I was in to much of a hurry to get married that I did not think of the concequences..
  16. I here ya there, my mom always told me when we live unequally, we bring into our homes the ultimate of dangers.. I found that to be true in my relationship, with my husband.. His was a life full of demon possession, his mom was a true phyic believer, she had tarot cards chinese vodo things went to the soo sayers ( Spelt wrong ) sorry.. these demons attach themselves to you, and the innocent..I can say this had I known what I was headed for, and what I placed my children into, I would have ran and ran fast..

    God has been gracious to me and mine, he held me and loved me, even when I thought he was so far away..The great thing is he's always here he's with me and you now, this second and every minute.. We have to look past the bad, and open up to the good. We make bad choices but God can take them and turn them around for the GOOD! We must be open to it thats the major thing! Let go and let God!
  17. Wow, you had a really rough time. I feel for you. How did your husband finally become a Christian??
  18. Wow, you had a really rough time. I feel for you. How did your husband finally become a Christian??

    Well it took a lot of prayer's sent up and a lot of fights with the devil! Everytime he went out he came back with another lie and or demon! Grrr! Sorry, it can become stressful at times..Well last year in August my daughter had come home for the weekend.. I had not slept with my husband in yrs, well that night I had to sleep with him.. Okay, at 1.00 am Something wakes me up, I look over to see this strange and ugly thing sleeping beside me! :eek: It looked as though it were 400 lbs, it had a moe halk, biker jean jacket and biker pants! :eek: I got this evil chill running down my spin and I had to run out of the room.. I stayed up all night just praying that the thing would leave..

    That morning my husband got up with a kinck in his neck, he looked like the hunch back of Notr Dame..Everyone asked me if I had beat him up! LOL I said no I did not have time to do that as I needed to run away!

    Well, the thing began to manifiest in my home his attitude was the extreme in nasty, criticle and of course a cronic complainer.. I would have the christian music and or tv station on all the time! Finally I began to speak to him and state I can no longer live like this. At this time we had been married 26 yrs.. He became overly angry of course something I would have to expect.. I stopped to pray and ask God to help me, send me someone to speak to him.. well 3 male preachers began to speaking about the exact subject on the Tv.. I said to him, listen to them cause you don't want to listen to me!

    All of a sudden he gets it and begins to cry! He said I gave my heart to the lord, I said you can give your heart to god but there are areas that need to be cleaned and washed.. All of a sudden he gets up out of the chair, I look at him and ask him what are you doing.. He states in a strange and aggressive voice GOD TOLD ME TO PRAY! His body begins to manifiest, and I begin to pray..

    He gets down on his knee's giving off a growl, and a grunt.. I tap him on the shoulder and asked him who are you..?? He turns to look at me in a gruff unatural voice, I HATE YOU!:eek::eek: I began to get deeper into my prayer and began to fight the war.. Well he gets up and begins to spit in the corner, and ball his eyes out, screaming what ever you are get off of me! I looked at him and said time to go to Gods E R!

    We would leave and go to Windsor Christian Fellowship, he was prayed for, that was sunday, wednesday he and I were baptised we that was my second time.. We went to two encounters of the God Kind and of course things would change some what but we all know the Devil gets pretty mad, we get attacked a time or two but when we place the armour of God on us all is fine!
  19. I don't know if you do this already but you can also go around your house with anointing oil and do bed, windows, doors, your vehicle, all that stuff. Having a spiritually discerning friend or two helps.
    Winsdor Christian Fellowship: is that part of Salt and Light Ministries?
  20. I did not know that. Where is Salt and Light Ministries?

    As far as Windsor Christian Fellowship is concerned its just so very awesome.. I have been to many churchs in my day but this one is graced with love..You feel God all over the place all the time.. Now I am not saying that's not happening in the other churchs but for me its here at WCF

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