Underlying Causes of Procrastination

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  1. Underlying Causes of Procrastination

    Underlying Causes of Procrastination
    [FONT=&quot]Psalm 119:97-104 [/FONT]

    Ever wonder why you do not make that crucial decision in your life? Or what keeps you from following through on chores at home or projects at work? The most common excuse for procrastinating is, “I’m too busy right now.†The real reasons for repeated delays come not from an outside source but from our own thinking. Procrastination occurs when we want to avoid discomfort or self-doubt.

    Let’s consider two areas where Christians commonly procrastinate. The first is Scripture reading. For some of us, uncertainty about where to begin or what method to follow can make us feel inadequate. To avoid this uncomfortable emotion, we may stop trying to figure it out. Or, if we do meditate on a Bible passage, the Holy Spirit might point out ungodly attitudes and behaviors in our lives that the Lord wants to change. Then emotions of embarrassment, inadequacy, or shame can surface. To get rid of such uneasy feelings, we simply stop reading.

    Avoidance is also too common a practice in the area of tithing. Giving generously to God usually means cutting back on some areas of spending. That can make us feel insecure because we think,How will I live without ___?Most of us wish we had more disposable income, not less; so our mind plays a little trick and tells us,It will be easier to do it next week.But seven days later, it is the same story.

    Think about the things you’ve been putting off. Ask yourself,How competent do I feel to do those tasks?and What negative emotions do I feel in connection with them?Then pray for God to direct you.
  2. I know exactly what you mean...I used to those exact same things. Prayer definitely changes things!
  3. I kept meaning to read this thread but found myself putting it off.......

    Glad I did eventually read it.
    Good stuff Rick.
  4. I invented procrastination. Well, I was going to, but someone beat me to it.

    Though, it does remind me of something I once heard from a uber-exec at Disney. He said, always make sure you do the hardest task on your list, the one you hate doing the most, first. Because if you don't, you will never do it because there will always be more fun tasks to do.
  5. Here is another underlying problem- L- A -Z-Y!:D
  6. I'm sorry, could you please rewrite that as a sentence. I'm not up to the whole spelling thing right now. :sleeping
  7. the best thing to do is not say you will do something,like garden etc.because we don,t know whats going to happen to make ourselves a liar.i used to be asked how long a job would take me,often i ran into problems so boss was unhappy:eek:.
  8. Double your estimate and when you finish early you look great- LOL!:D
  9. i don,t like to lie.:jesus-sign:
  10. From 'Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan'

    Kirk - "Scotty, Do you always multiply your repair estimates by a factor of four?"

    Scotty - "How else to maintain my reputation as a miracle worker?"
  11. That is just were I got that thought from HMS!:D
  12. you have a lot of trek in u,so do i.to being of a truth we will wait and see.personally God takes our spirit and puts it elsewhere.no need for space ships.but maybe this will become the worlds disaster.all guesswork,i will wait and see.:)

  13. Oh No, and I always put to it to a senior's moment..... I'll do it tomorrow. I got lots of time. Hmmmmm !:):)

    I guess that's procrastination personified.:D:D
  14. You should never put off until tomorrow things that you can put off until the day after tomorrow.
    If you leave it long enough either someone else will do it or it really did not matter after all.
  15. The devils favorite lines- tell them I am real, tell them hell is real but tell them there is always more time.

  16. Hey Ray , I like your definitions.:D:D
  17. Oh the Scarlet O Hara moments, eh?

    I was going to post about Scotty on Enterprise, but I see I have jumped in late and there are other trekers here.......

    I used to put things off when I was young......now I'm more mature in my Faith and realize that He may have me ona seemingly mediocre task, but sometimes those are the things He fertilizes and turns to His glory. I have learned to put nothing off and do my best at every endeavor.

    The senior moments are the worst.......where did I put the Windex? Sometimes, I jokingly say,"Oh it's a Martha moment anyway, so I'll be a Mary right now..." Oh yeah, that's fooling God........smiles.......................
  18. laziness isnt next to godliness? no fair! ;) ;)

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