Under This Mask

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  1. Under This Mask

    I know it's terrible, but I'm tired and just couldn't sleep until I said something.

    Under This Mask

    Before the next chapter
    I'll remove the mask.

    Because In time
    it has grown and shown
    that behind it is the truth-
    as written in stone.

    So now alas my heart believes me
    even though my eyes still deceive me.

    You'll see it-
    It breaks out yet in this story-
    Let me tell you-
    You'll be in awe of the glory.

    So you must know-

    This glory belongs to another;
    the one who sent me as your brother.

    He's the perfect Father whom you reject-
    Who wants to save you, but needs your respect.

    So let me pray
    that I say and I do-
    That that'll
    mirror His thoughts about you.

    And when you realize what you have
    and look for the one to whom you owe credit.
    I'll be pointing to our Father in heaven -
    And He better be the one to get it.

  2. :amen:
    I don't see anything terrible about it; praising God is always beautiful...:)

    Shalom my brother
  3. Hey maybe it's not bad, I was so tired when I wrote it I guess I didn't understand me properly. :D

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