Unaware of protection.

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  1. It is a matter of joy that one can continue to grow in understanding of secular aspects of life as well as the spiritual ones, giving each its due thought.
    As I grew up and for long after I left home, my parents underlined the necessity of having positive and helpful thoughts rather than those of fear and those having any sinful basis. This was much the same as Paul advised in his letters to the Churches, and it is all very well except that talk and awareness of the Devil can be less involved in the overall Christian lifestyle. We may sometimes not realise that we are being "got at" when acting in a quite reasonable way.

    Having believed that Thought is a very basic ingredient in Creation, the other day I went looking for Kindle books using that word as a source.
    There were many suggestions offered and since they were free or very cheap, it didn't take me long to download seven interesting titles, and I spent an hour in skipping through them.
    I soon realised, though, that most of them went along the same lines towards "Manifesting", and without any reference to reasonable 'demands', prayer, or God, or even thanksgiving. It was easy to click those away onto the cloud, and I was left with two which might pass on a few good ideas.

    I was fairly deep onto one of these, and feeling that although the author considered the "religious" belief which some readers may have, they were catered for and not downtrodden. I was getting on nicely when I realised that I had read some of his ideas previously, and the further I read, the more I became puzzled. So I stopped and scanned the following pages carefully, eventually finding that a block of about 550 words was repeated four times immediately following.
    In an effort to alert the supplier with this misprint, I spent most of an hour and many routes in trying to contact them, but as a last resort I opted to return the download, hoping they would ask me why. Immediately the whole book disappeared from my Kindle, leaving no trace except for a note which said my 99 pence would be repaid.
    That left me to realise that 'God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform'. I had been accepting those thoughts without realising that they were not for me.

    That left me with the final author whose early chapters made such sense that I determined to buy four paperback copies for the family. I could see a good reason for passing these to my loved ones who naturally have different needs, and would be "good" for each.
    Unfortunately, as I read further on, the later chapters, although calling God "The Supreme Power" and similar nicknames, did not follow the teaching of Jesus and became quite unacceptable. That download went with the others, and I regretted ordering the paperbacks, but I would destroy those when they arrived.

    I went to bed last night with the usual aches and painful knees, but praising for a day of experiences, little thinking that I was in any peril.
    I woke at about three o'clock but found that I couldn't find the energy to walk to the bathroom. With the help of prayer I eventually staggered there, holding onto the wall and door handles, a long time later collapsing into bed for what I was convinced would be the last time.
    But I wasn't worried in any way. I was at complete peace and looked forward to dying in my sleep and meeting my Saviour. The only slight worry was that those books would not be returned and my family would be led along the wrong paths.

    But all was arranged by the one whose purpose for me I am to continue. I got out of bed this morning and trotted through the morning's normal programme, still with the normally aching knees, but with thoughts of praise and gratitude that the clever plans of the Devil had once again been foiled without my awareness of being protected.

    My puzzle now is one that Paul admitted experiencing. What are we thinking when we can be equally happy living in God's world and doing his will, and yet wanting to go to live with him in Paradise ?

    Praise Him for both Blessings, anyway. !!
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  2. Thank you Smiler for your wonderful testimony and reminder of God's protection and grace and love for us all.

    I am so blessed that you were able to share this with us. It is an encouragement to us all :)

    Blessings and huggs to you
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  3. I am grateful that you're still with us. You still have wisdom to share and ideas to convey. When God is ready for you, and your mansion is prepared, and the guests are invited to the welcoming party, then you will go, in peace. *HUGS* brother. I really mean it, *HUGS*.
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  4. wow

    God is good

    God is amazing

    God Bless you
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  5. ...... and if we only realise it, He never stops His protection and blessings.
    When the books arrived, I sent them back with no explanation or expectation of "bread on the waters".
    Today I find the purchace price and the return postage have both been deposited in my bank account, without comment.
    We experience so many blessings without realising it. Praise be !!
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