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Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by WordOFaith, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Yes, I understand about "guys." My life taught me lessons and I had to learn this at a very young age due to many circumstances in my life.
    I am not interested in having a "boyfriend" right now. That's not God's plan for right at the moment. :)
  2. That's one of my dreams, I've always wanted to write a book too. But altho I have some of it published here and there its not all together in books yet. Thats why I answered you this way, so it would mentioning "someone said" and wouldn't be like plagerizm

    The funny thing is, or maybe its not funny, is many times the Lord tells me something and another person say the very same thing ! Well I suppose if He is talking to both of us about the same thing, it wouldn't be different. He isn't going to change His mind about it
  3. Without the Holy Ghost, none of us would have any sayings.......

    This does happen a lot.......... I guess the Holy Ghost is confirming the Word as true. In some of my cases, it's something that I should pay attention to and practice myself. It's one thing teaching, it's another doing what you taught. Most of what I teach comes from the Holy Ghost, and just not Knowledge. (Well, He brings scriptures to mind, and expounds.) I am sure you know what I am saying. It just comes out, which means, I never really learned it yet myself, and have sown it in. Then You come along or someone and confirms it, So, I know it's something to take heed to...............I hope that did not sound strange to everyone.
  4. It doesn't sound strange to me.

    All I can do is pray and the Lord gives me verses and then tells me what to say. And many times He confirms what He told me through someone else. Thats one way we know we are hearing Him, if we are both hearing the Holy Spirit, He will be saying the same thing.
  5. Then I would say that is confirmation for both parties . As when that happens to me , I say " Wow" God is so good . What an awesome God . He knows us and tells us we are His own . He is interested in every aspect of our lives and even the tiniest that others may think is silly . Nope it's not silly to me cause I know that I know that He is with me . ( Even finding a parking spot, just one example )

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