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  1. My first post is a little more of a request than "Hi - How are u and I'm fine" Its about who I am.
    Presently I'm studying the word in search of God's mercy or justice concerning suicide. Not for me. for my son in law who wraps his every thought around self pity and failures. Also his father committed suicide when he was very young and I needing scriptual input from anyone knowing scripture. I know the bible backwards and forwards but I've never really thought about suicide for anybody close to me before. And my search is something I'm hoping will be what I find. I'm jimmy - Hi
  2. NOTE: PLEASE SEEK OUT PROFESSIONAL HELP! Please contact your local Church Pastor and or Mental Health professionals. I am sure somewhere in the forum 'rules' this is mentioned.

    How about looking at the OT: King Saul falling in His sword and Davids rival Ahithophel. Or Judas?


    The short of it is this: suicide comes from the lack of-or the denying of any HOPE! And the only True Hope any of us have is Jesus Christ and salvation from sin, from being cast into an eternal Hell.

    Maybe; and you must tread lightly here: some teaching on the coming new Earth (Heaven) would be useful to open a door to Hope?
  3. Thanks Bro - Thanks for the references to suicide by some persons in the bible. And I agree with you that where theres hopelessness there satan will be and on the flip side - where there is darkness there also will be hopelessness. There is much much darkness in this young man's life and I need to pray about that esp. Also - I agree with your teaching on the soon coming of the new restored earth and the revealed New Heaven He has prepared for us. Where Blessing abound
  4. Give him 'truth with love'; be bold in the word with kindness (even if you want to strangle him yourself!) I would definitely get a Pastor who has dealt with this before involved.
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  6. James - Welcome to CFS and thank you for sharing the situation so members can provide resource info for you.

    We MAY move this thread into the Family and Relationship area of the forum in a day or so, where it may get more views and replies. We will leave a redirect for this thread if we do decide to move it.

    Thank you.
  7. I'm very sorry to hear that Jimmy. I'll be praying for him. Your son-in-law has an identity crisis. Partly is in his DNA from his father, but also in his experience with God. He, like Job in the bible, doesn't know God's love and therefore rejects the truth. I'll be asking the Lord to break his sensitivity to suicide and that he sees God, like Job.

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