U S Government Aiming to Supervise Parents in Raising their Children

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  1. You're behind the times.
    We in Australia have for several decades suffered the intrusion of Stalinist doctrines whereby the Humanist socialists with
    their theology of 'Political Correctness' have passed many laws limiting the free role of natural parents to raise up their own
    children within the confines of personal values and Christian commitment.
    School teachers, social workers, and the Family Court along with lesbian politics of Women's rights have all conspired to work
    together and undermine the God given roles of fathers and heterosexual marriage. They are determined to bring up a confused
    generation of children, teenagers and young adults who seek their social permissions and entitlements from the State; and from
    politically correct adults outside the family.
    Recently, a mother was charged by police for assault, after slapping her misbehaving child in public. She now has a criminal conviction
    and must suffer social workers with an agenda scrutinizing her parenting. Government inspectors in your home!
    The social welfare system through youth accommodation services and income support programs encourages disobedient children to
    run away from home and be supported by tax-payer funded services.
    Even though the age of consent here is 17 years of age for both boys and girls, it is not uncommon for 16 year old girls to be cohabiting
    with much older men (like in their 30s, and usually drug dealers). If parents complain to Family Services Dept. then the social workers
    invariably support the wayward child and admonish the parents for being too restrictive in allowing their child to enjoy choices for herself.

    Again, just recently we had a political fight against a very radical tax-payer funded schools sexual education program, that supposedly
    was to educate school children into accepting and being nice to the newly discovered "alphabet population" [LGBTIQA ].
    This program allegedly was about schoolyard bullying against sexual minorities, but also included teaching ALL students that they should
    not label themselves as male or female, but boys could be girls and use the girl toilets, and the like.
    There was also a fair amount of sexual exploration involved with students and pupils encouraged to role play homosexual kissing
    and relationships. Touching and petting and questioning one's sexuality were encouraged as a means to counteract the delusions of
    being defined as normal by parents and conservative values.
    There is even worse contained in this social and moral engineering program funded by Christian and Muslim taxpayers that undermines
    the very family values and life that conservative people treasure as important to the well being of their children.

    Just like the Stalinist communists and the Nazis, the left-wing [liberal, progressive] Humanists want very much to establish a politically
    correct dictatorship that will by means of law enforcement compel all citizens to serve atheism, (and to worship the ecosystem).
    Gaia and the planet will replace the God of Israel.
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  2. And nearly all of these PC, self proclaimed enlightened statists would say they are not for the outcome of what you laid out precisely and expertly. Yet they are unaware of what they espouse will lead inexorably to this outcome. The devil is subtle and conniving, and these people become his tools and henchmen to carry out this evil.
  3. The sin nature of flesh always tries to justify its action. This is the fundamental problem which is causing all these crazy moves by societies! We fall victim to the same problem in our personal lives. When we commit sin, we try to find ways to excuse rather than confess.
    If we look at Bible carefully, it always talks about 2 things:
    1) Children honoring parents
    2) Parents bringing up children in godly ways

    This is what Bible calls children and parents to do. What liberals push for this a different agenda - parents earning respect of children. This is not Biblical. This whole idea of earning respect is tearing apart families. It is a sad thing. We all should pray that nations and governments would stay away from this false agenda.
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