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  1. Tything

    How much of our income does God want us to tythe?
  2. Give what you give out of love and sincerity There are no numbers in giving
  3. I understand the Bible says 10% if you want a figure number...but I understand Jesus to have said from the heart. so if all you have to tithe is a box of apples then God will understand (the pastor and crew might not)
  4. As Techie mentioned, 10 percent is what is mentioned. The actual Hebrew word for tythe means 'a tenth part'.

    There are extenuating circumstances, however, it tithing. God expects us to tithe where we are taught... but only if those teachings are actually from God's Word and are true. Other circumstances are if a person or family in on a fixed income, such as disability or other retirement programs. Those persons must take care of their family first, pay their bills and provide for their own well being. Then, if anything is left, a 'love offering' can be given to a church. That fact may not sit well with some ministers because they loose their own income when persons can not tithe. However, please refer to 1 Timothy 5:8 (KJV).
  5. Tithing is not a proud thing, shouldn't be given out of obligation.
    God wants your heart.

    If you want to give, then good, but don't give because the preacher says so, and because everyone else is or because it says in the Bible.

    But, If you do give, Joyfully, be thankful. In 2 corinthians it says God loves a cheerful giver. Thank God when you give your tithe for something that He has done for you, Thank Him for someone in your life ect ect, Just be thankful to Him.

    Also, in matthew, it says if we cannot serve 2 masters, we cannot serve both God and money. Either we love one and hate the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.

    Tithing is also a form of worship.
    Worship God with our money also.
    The money comes from God, and when we tithe, even though God doesn't need our money, it shows where our heart its.
  6. i for once have felt the difference of giving from my heart tithe and being "pressured" kind of to give.

    i am not comfortable to ever tithe unless it's from my heart with love.

    I don't like it when they pass the small basket personally.. I feel pressured.. I love it when they never ask, that is when I give, and I give much more than simply what I give when they pass a basket.
    Gary I believe you once said you never ask of your church members :) that is great brother :)
  7. Like someone said ... give joyfully . The Lord loves a cheerful heart and if we give just because we think we are doing it out of duty ... then forget it .

    My God owns it all and if I cannot give back to Him the little that He asks... well ....

    He tells me when I give my cup will over flow and for sure I am a walking witness . Even though I didn't have it sometimes , I always made sure I took my portion from the top; and God honoured that . The other part my friends goes a lot furher. It has been proven over and over again.
  8. Just my personal view of the subject:
    There are many views on tithing. Personally I do not believe I am required to tithe as I believe it is an entirely Old Testament practice. Jesus requires much more from us- we give Him our all in every area. Giving into the kingdom is both a pleasure and a privilege and as Mom said it is to be done with a joyful heart. I consider 10 % a good place to start, but give as the Spirit of God moves you.
  9. 2 Cor. 8:7 "But just as you excel in everything - in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us - see that you also excel in this grace of giving".

    We are told that we are to give on the first day of the week "a sum of money in keeping with his income". Thus a tenth may be far to little for some. A dear friend of mine, T.C.Taylor, a Jamaican Evangelist, used to ask if we had eaten breakfast that day and intended to eat dinner. If we expected to have both, then we were rich indeed in comparison with many of our brothers and sisters in the less affluent countries. Giving is a matter of conscience, of love for others and for the Lord, and a matter of grace. May we all grow in this grace.
  10. 2 Corinthians 9:7
    Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

    When God entrusts us with possessions we are to be good stewards ....
    We are likewise to be good stewards of our money. God expects us to honour Him with what you have .

    Why is it important to give ? Not because God owns it all anyways and really does not need our wealth or possesions . But God sees our heart and our attitude and He looks at our heart.

    Then why is it important ? When we give we put our possessions in the proper perspective. Giving helps you participate in God's work . Giving helps you and your heart condition far more than it helps God .

    Good stewardship means that we work and give cheerfully .

    We are just managers ..... not owners . OUr money is not ours it is Gods'.

  11. Exactly Mom!:D
  12. simple

    2 Corinthians 9:7
    So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  13. Oh my goodness what great answers - not the usual legalistic ones from the Old Testament. The early Christians practiced what they called firstfruits where they set aside some money for the Lords work every week. It did not come under the Tithing laws of the Jews. This was something new because under the law only the wealthy farmers with their crops and herds tithed. They were the rich people in this culture. Also the Priests and Pharisees tithed. The common working person was always exempt from the Jewish Tithing law.

    Tithing did not come into the Church until the forth century when the men had taken the Church out of the hands of the hospitality of the women (the Church started as home cell groups) and started building buildings and aquiring assets that had to be paid for. At this point in time the money given for ministry was not adequate to cover the higher overhead. I suspect that the leagalization of Christianity by Constantine probably flooded the Church with newcomers.
  14. First, I would say that it is not just income, rather it is time, talent, AND treasures.

    That being said,.... Would a bigger more expensive ring make your wife love you more?
    Would a brand new set of wheels for your husbands truck make him love you more?

    If we find ourselves doing things (works) in order to make someone love us, then we do not have love.

    But if we find ourselves doing things because we love someone, then, we truly have love.

    Our relationship with God is very much the same as our relationships with our spouse.
    We do not give in order to receive, we give as a result of our love and appreciation.

    Our tithe is a reflection, an expression if you will, of our love, and not the cause of our love for God, or God's love for us.

    .....Ten percent? Yea, that's a great place to start. :)
  15. I would say there is power in giving and I will tell you why .

    Giving is an attitude before it becomes an action .

    Satan also knows that if we release our offerings to God that God will provide for us and that is why he tempts us with all kinds of places that we could put our money before we give to God and then we don't have any left over to give .

    But I am telling you if you take the first monies for God and set them aside the other monies will go a lot futher

    .Satan doesn't want us to prove God's laws.

    If you don't believe me, well I challenge you to try . Don't ask me how it works cause I can't tell you that but I just know it works cause it works for me.

    I think this way God is showing us by being obedient and sowing generously you will also reap generously . What you sow is exactly what you will reap.

    You can decide on the measure . The only person that stands in the way is YOU.

    God doesn't need your money . He wants "YOUR HEART'

    God gave His very best , His only Son , Jesus Christ .
  16. Can you give a real example Dusty lol I am a bit confused when you said
    "But I am telling you if you take the first monies for God and set them aside the other monies will go a lot futher"

  17. Sure Rams .... When ever I receive my pay ( or now it is my pention) .. I take out the portion, and that will vary from person to person , and set it aside to take to my church where I am being fed .

    Anything above this would be my offering to other places such as a missionary that I support and children that I sponsor .
  18. wonderful Dusty, that is being true to loving one another and helping one another as brothers and sisters.
    my point exactly :) God bless your tender heart :)
  19. Thanks, but I give all the praise to Jesus . He is my provider. I am just His servant .
  20. Oh and Rams ... The part about the rest of my money going further ..... It is true and I cannot tell you how .... but it definately works.

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