Two Questions

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  1. Two Questions

    1..... Why do I have to press " remember me " each time when I logg in ?

    2..... What is the difference between " acc. restricted " and " former member ' ?
  2. The things about using ' remember me' is don't use it on a public computer or one you share and want to keep your accounts private. A person can get your info or get in your accounts by using remember me, If it remembers you then you don't have to log in, but neither does another person that uses it. So I prefer to log in with it unchecked.
  3. "Remember Me" is optional. You don't have to constantly press it unless you want the system to remember your computer every time your IP logs into the system. Believe me, I used to think I had to use 'Remember Me' all the time until I realized what its specific use was.

    A 'restricted account' is basically in the same league as a 'suspended' member, I guess.

    'Former' members' are not allowed to come back; their IPs are blocked.
  4. Can Acc. Restricted people post?
  5. I've seen them post. But it may be a glitch or maybe the system thinks its another person
  6. I think under certain circumstances...yes. I believe they have more access to the forums than former's something new so I only know from what I observed. ;)

  7. Yes this is my understanding as well and that is why I am waiting for some one on staff to clarify .

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