Two Dogs

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  1. Two Dogs

    Forgive me if this is a repeat as I cannot remember if I posted this previously-that being said here goes:

    While being interviewed by a reporter an old evangelist was asked whats it like to be a christian? To which he replied it is like having two dogs in me , a black one and a white one and they are always fighting!- after that comment the reporter promptly asked him " which one wins?" To this he replied the one I feed!
    So I guess that brings me to the point of this discusion- which one are we feeding today- the new man or the old? Remember we are what we eat!
  2. Excellent little quip which we should all remember!
  3. Woa.... That's a good one !! Thanks :amen::amen:
  4. Yes, TRUE!!!
  5. Very good analogy!!
  6. very good post.

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