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  1. does anyone bother watching tv?
    When its on in my house I just dont pay it any attention. My family watches it, but I cant stand it.
    I find it noisy and intrusive, and it makes me feel like a voyeur. Also commericals are just in your face trying to sell you stuff you dont need.

    I will only watch if I choose the dvd cos then I can stop it if I dont like it.
  2. Yep. There are quite a few shows that we watch. One of our favorites is Big Bang Theory. Our two year old looks forward to the theme song because we do the Patty cake clap to it and at the end we throw our arms up in the air and say bang! My wife, mother-in-law and I enjoy watching The Walking Dead as well.

    As for commercials we mostly find them ammusing and most times ignore them, unless a trailer for an upcoming movie we want to see comes on.

    This weekend my wife and I went to the drive-in on fourth of July to go see the new terminator movie and Jurassic World (our second time seeing Jurassic World) as it came on right after terminator.
  3. I used to watch a lot of tv when I was younger but now hardly ever.

    The big bang theory gets shown here but I find it boring. Never seen walking dead, so dont even know what its about.

    When ppl say did you watch this or that I usually say no. I dont watch tv.

    I should ask them instead what books theyve been reading. Did you know that some people just never read any books? Im like, what planet do you live on? Of course, if they are actually illiterate, its not their fault. They should just open some books and then they learn, cos many have pictures in them.

    One of my elders says I ought to watch the christian channel, there is one if youve got Sky tv called Shine. But I dont really bother. My parents hog the tv anyway.
  4. I usually watch a tv recording for the last hour or so before bed. I mostly watch detective series and within that, mostly UK ones although I also quite like the Italian Montalbano and the Swedish Wallander series both of which we get with English subtitles. Trouble is I've seen some series several times over...

    I also sometimes watch the news. Some sport, eg. some of the last football world cup. Sometimes, I record a film.

    I also like a quiz show at tea time. These days we watch Pointless.

    My father is most likely to have 1st choice as to what to watch on the living room TV but it's not a problem here. My 27" PC monitor makes a nice TV and I can watch live and all our shared recordings on that. My mother sometimes watches TV on the PC in the study which can do the same. Then if we needed more options, there are a couple of Android tablets and the laptop around...
  5. Not here. We do have Freesat though.
  6. I used to record things on video but never do that anymore. I just dont have the time or patience for tv.

    Books are always here. I go the the library regularly and so usually have a book on the go, and read that before retiring. And if I fall asleep, I dont miss anything, cos I can pick up where I left off.

    I do go to movies though, but only when friends ask. I'd never go alone. Its expensive. I think tv can be very hypnotic. Like youd just be sitting there for an hour or more staring at a screen and not realise it. At least with books, you can turn pages.

    Mum likes to watch 'who wants to be a millionaire' gameshow but since that tv show is australian we cant even play it here I dont see the point of it lol.
  7. I don't watch TV because of the wickedness and vanity. I used to be a heavy Disney channel junkie until my mom banned me from watching TV because I left a lot of mess in the TV room. Disney channel was all about so-called "love". Every single show had a main character that sang. About "love" (or something else, depending on the situation). Dudes were effeminate. Women acted like men. It was all messed up. Filled with sin. Now, with homosexuality deemed as "normal", kid channels are going to start having homosexual couples in their TV shows. I'd rather die than see that (or maybe I just want to die).
  8. I thought they already did.
    Well shortland st, the main soap that is shown every weeknight has had gay couples for years now. The nz women they show on it are all manipulative and the men are just foolish. Of course its a soap, so all the drama they can pack into it they will.

    I dont know bout disney..i remember watching duck tales as a child but it was mainly about scrooge mc duck and his three nephews huey duey and leuy. They didnt really have female characters on that cartoon. Of course they are animals and wear clothes, so, you cant take it seriously.

    One interesting question, if donald is a duck and mickey is a mouse, what then is goofy?
  9. I think he's a dog.
  10. He seemeed more like a wolf to me.
  11. I love to read! My mother-in-law marvels at how fast I am able to read a book.

    I am looking forward to next month when the next Forgotten Realms book comes out, specifically the Drizzt series. A renegade Drow Ranger that fights evil.
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  12. Do you read to your children naomos?
  13. Greetings:
    I only watch religious programming,except the Super-Bowl, for the freebies.I do believe that the satanic trash will trash your mind.

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  14. I thought sport was a religion.
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  15. Like anything, it can be a religion of you make it one.

    As for me, I enjoy walking dead. While it may be secular, I enjoy the plot line of good vs evil and that there is a pretty well drawn line of right and wrong. Other than that, I don't watch much TV, I enjoy movies though
  16. A wolf? I dunno about that.
  17. Pluto is a dog..
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  18. Tv for me is really just junk. I mean when you can see basically soft porn in the comercials....they just have gone to far. I agree with krossquad, allowing the evil and junk of the tv into our minds just trash our minds. One has to then get into the Word of God to dig all those seeds out.
    If i had my choice....i would not even turn it on unless i had a Christian chanel to watch. I really enjoy reading my Bible and listening to sermons on mp3.
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  19. I dont own a tv and never have.
    Its my family that watches it. In the days before tv I expected families entertained themselves.
    I remember when I was young us children would be glued to the tv. I think every child watched tv at school, it was unheard of for children to NOT watch it.

    The teachers did say it was bad, but most parents I know never monitored their childrens tv watching. Although, it used to be tv shut down at midnight.

    I admire christian parents who restrict tv use. One of my friends in highschool said she never watched the news, her parents didnt allow it. It was no great loss for her. You can listen to news on the radio.
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  20. Turn the channel. rofl

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