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  1. TV Pastors I've been bragging about this old man that I watch every morning before I head out the door to work. But I never seem to wake up in time to see his name or the title of the show.

    This morning I did!!!:D

    (Drumroll, please...?)

    The show is called Shepherd's Chapel, and the pastor's name is Arnold Murray. I think he preaches the Word just great! His voice has gentleness in it, he's never angry. He can practically call the people who are listening "sinners" without offending anybody. And he makes you want to stick around to hear more. More than once, I've been dancing around in my living room waiting for him to finish so I could run to the bathroom!:eek:

    I especially like how he goes from verse to verse, pausing to reflect on and give his interpretations. He says that God thinks of us all, his children, equally. There's no special ones, nobody's given extra powers here, we're all gifted equally. When God gifts us, he expects more from us, in fact.

    Give him a watch. He's very comforting.

    Can anybody else out there name their favorite shows? Recommendations? Pastors (I don't want to call them televangelists)?

  2. Is it on a local channel or a Christian network? Charles Stanley, he is very good.
  3. Whirlwind: Thank you for mentioning that.

    As far as my research has taken me, Dr. Murray is one of the only Bible teaching Pastors in media who teaches chapter by chapter and verse by verse, using the original language manuscript texts as his explaination base for the wording in the King James Version Bible.

    No hellfire and brimstone. No constant requests and marathons to raise cash to build new 'cathedrals'. Just honest Bible teaching. He teaches the Word of God as it was first written on parchment scrolls, before the traditions of man changed God's Word into an agenda of biased, misleading and deceptive teachings. It is refreshing to see the Word of God taught in media as it was intended to be taught originally in the manner of Christ's own teachings... non denominationally.
  4. Watching TV Pastors is kind of like eating watermelon, you may have to spit out a couple of seeds now and then.
  5. My utmost favorite is Charles Stanley who I've been listening to since he first appeared on TV or radio...

    On-line and on the radio is the Pastor J.Vernon Magee who was used by the Holy Spirit to bring me to the Lord...

    David Wilkerson is another fave...

    And I appreciate the teachings of Joyce Meyer, and motivational speaker Joel Osteen...
  6. I am a great fan of 4 out of those 5 and respect the other- it seems we have much the same taste!
  7. No kidding, brother.

    You hit the nail right on the head.
  8. Amazingly, I don't know the TV gets to this channel every night. I usually wake up, stumble into the Dolphin Room in my house, turn on the tube, and it's on that channel. I drink my coffee while I'm watching it.

    It's PDX-49 out of Portland. I think they broadcast it due to FCC Public Service Requirements (they usually do those overnight). The show itself, I believe, comes out of Arkansas.

    He has a website, and you can order his Mark of the Beast on CD Audio online free of charge - they don't even ask for shipping and handling.

    Pastor Gary - yeah...this is the way I like it. Sometimes a gentle word can tell you more about the penalty and wages for sin than all the screaming of the most angry man. God has gifted Pastor Arnold Murray with this ability. He's an old guy that you just can't help but listen to! Then again, I listen to old people almost all day at work and I enjoy my job very much hearing their stories. I wish more young people would take the time to just sit and listen.

    At the end of the show, he has a small snippet that says if you would like to send donations, here's the address...he doesn't have schrolling bars at the bottom that plea every five minutes. He doesn't constantly repeat the address. He doesn't offer prayers for donations. He says it once, quickly, so fast that I hardly had time to write it down. So it makes donating to his ministry seem more like a gift than a deed. And it is a gift!

    Bo - yup. There's watermelon seeds out there. I don't usually like to hear my lessons off TV because it really can be frustrating when all you hear is send money, send money, send us more money. Reminds me of that show, Leap of Faith.

    Anyway - beloved, thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to give them a try. I like downloading sermons and listening to them while I'm doing other things (driving, building shelves, etc). It's like multi-tasking.:p
  9. Joel Osteen doesn't believe in teaching about sin - yes he is a motivational speaker, but he is not going to get people saved if he doesn't teach them why they need to change their lives to begin with.
  10. Very true... he seems to have made a 'religion' out of his speaking engagements and this may be his way of securing his retirement funding. I have a major problem with TV personalities and so called 'ministers' who use media and religion as a business... to make millions of dollars (or other currencies) for themselves with their hand in the pockets of gullable people who listen to their 'message' and believe that if they donate all that they can, they will be given God's blessings. That is the message that some of these TV 'ministers' present... and unfortunately, they are getting RICH at the expense of persons who just don't know any better.

    If a TV 'ministry' spends sunstantially more time asking for MONEY - than teaching, you can rest assured that it is a 'business' circumventing the laws under the guise of religion as a scam to get rich. This is dispicable and God will judge these slick talking charlatians for their deception.
  11. I have got to say I like brother Joel. He isn't an evenagelist but he is an exhorter. In fact I have been to many churches were the Pastors were misplaced Evangelists, but i digress.
    Our Church opened up several outreach facilities after Katrina and spend basically every penny the Chruch had on outreach and helps- even the Pastor's were off salary. Pastor Frank had us pray as a Church citing the fact that the mission for the homeless was down to beans and wiennies(hot dogs) and now was running out of wiennies with no more buns.
    The next day Pastor Frank got a call saying he was needed at the mission, thinking it was the city inspectors he went right down. Well when he got their it was none other than Joel Osteen. Brother Joel said God had spoken to him to come and supply the needs for that mission. He gave Pastor Frank a huge check that would run and furnish the mission for a whole year.
    Awesome right? What really impressed me was that Pastor Joel never made one public statement, he didn't want publicity but instead he just wanted to do the Father's will. Except for our church body and the people I have told this to here I do not think anyone else knows how God used this man in New Orleans to this day.
    Yes I saw Jesus in him.
  12. We must have been separated at birth :p

    I agree!
    I don't listen to every teaching but I do not recall he has ever mentioned repentence... :confused: Honestly I am a bit confused about his calling... That's why I call him a motivational speaker... :)

  14. So true.... I saw him on Larry King live and was not impressed with the way he spoke and did not mention salvation at all. If he doesn 't preach salvation in my books he does not preach the whole word of God and to me it does not matter how motivational he is.

    Sorry, just my opinion.
  15. Don't be sorry you are entitled to your opinion!:)
  16. I would say I have seen him preach ( on tv) about a dozen times and he never finished a message without giving people the opportunity to give their heart to Christ.
  17. You had me on the floor, laughing...

    I love tv evangalists...Ok, I never really watch tv much or tv evangalists, but there was this one time...

    I was flipping through the channels and this tv evangilists was shaking his bible at me and he said, "Don't you dare change that channel, I have a message from God for you personally!", so I didn't change the channel. Then he said, "God is going to give you all the desires of your heart. It is right here in his word" and he was shaking the bible at me. So I got that going for me...
  18. Yes he does always say to follow him in this prayer and then we believe you are saved. But my point is this - if he is not convicting people of their sin, saying a few words is not going to make their salvation real.
    He also said on that Larry King show that he couldn't say whether an aetheist who denies the existence of God, would actually go to heaven - well if he read his bible, he would know that they don't. And that he doesn't like to use that word 'sin'.
    And while his messages are always positive and uplifiting, I have never ever seen him open his bible or get the people to open their bibles and I have watched lots of his shows in the past.
  19. Made me think about Benny Hinn, he has just visited my country on a crusade - he came to the meetings in a stretch limo!, wearing his white silk suits, preached for 11/2 hours on giving (to his ministry of course).
    But the big thing that got all of the talk back radio shows buzzing was when he asked a woman who's baby was crying to leave stating "these people came to hear me preach, not to hear some baby cry" and had her ushered out.
    Let the Love of God flow Benny!
  20. Phi 1:15 Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will:
    Phi 1:16 The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds:
    Phi 1:17 But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defense of the gospel.
    Phi 1:18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretense, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

    In this letter to the Phippipians, the Apostile Paul is commenting on how his being in prision brought about the advancement of the gospel. No matter what their reason or purpose Paull rejoiced in the fact that the gospell was being preached.

    But his words have a much wider and much more important application in these last days.

    I know that some are false teachers, false profits, Some teach out of ignorance, not having the calling or wisdom. Some preach out of envey, to punish or control. Some even preach and teach for their own purposes, to fill their pockets, feed their prideful hearts to have prestiege before men. But many preach in love, truth and sincerity.
    But so long as they preach of Jesus, do good in the name of Christ, lift his name, spread the gospel then as the Apostile Paul, I rejoice.

    Sincerely and

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