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  1. I'm not going to say name of minister but I was watching one this morning and his/her message was about our own gifts and plan God has for us. Well he/she starts talking about David and how his sling shot was the reason he defeated Goliath and that his skill with the slingshot gave him the throne. I understand this was a tool that was used, but he/she defeated Goliath through faith in God and he didn't fear Goliath and God chose David because he was faithful, not because of his slingshot. Just really disturbed by this message.
  2. My friend and brother.. I do not watch (most all) TV preachers unless I feel I am been led by the Lord in some way. If I wanted or felt I needed to watch a sermon, I would search out one of Andrews or a couple others that I trust. But of course you are right it was Davids faith that caused him to stand when others were in fear. It was davids heart that was pleasing to God, not his ability to throw rocks.:cautious:
  3. I am trying to be less one sided about certain ministers that members seem to like on this forum. So wanted to see for myself and not be judgmental. But I can't sit back and not say something when they take God out of it.
  4. I have wrestled with this sort of thing for years and have come to some conclusions? That I must just stop trying to figure some of these folks out and let God judge them. I believe many start out in the best of intentions and are caught up in being on tv and building large buildings etc... And I also allow that sometimes they just miss it.. that they are blown off course for a while but that God will bring them back into the truth at some point? I know for myself that I have thought a doctrine was right and then through the process of trying to walk it out..came to a better understanding. Funny I was just thinking about a church that I helped start and build and we was teaching sound doctrine and the true grace of God. Then when we started to grow and bought a new building, it started becoming more about building a "ministry" for a man and raising money. A blindness came upon certain leaders and like in the last election they started trying to promote things that was just contrary to the truth. Receiving gifts from the Mormon church and stuff? It was heartbreaking and I still love and respect them but I cannot be apart of that ministry.
  5. As you know I watch and trust Andrews sermons. I'm in full agreement with you on Andrew.
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    Beloved, many times "preachers" began when their not really ready. The fact that the person is behind a pulpit or on television is
    not proof that they are ready. However, in their defense, at least they gave what they had.

    Minister's Rule # 4: "A man cannot give what he doesn't have."
    Minister's Rule # 5: "A man can only give as much as he has."
  7. That is disturbing. Weird.

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