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  1. I'm looking for a ministry that call themselves 'connect'. They publish what might be loosely called music for worship/praise. All I can say is that at the bottom of the screen, their Logo looks like CONNECT or maybe CONNECT. Then something about connecting people with God. I found one site that says much the same, but with no music links and the logo is not the same. Any clues??
  2. Gotta song's name? Know the ISP?
  3. Can you post a screen shot?
  4. No unfortunately. The Song's name (if I had my say) would be 'let's all blaspheme together'. But I don't get to name it.
    The pastor knows just what I think of it and I doubt I'll be able to find out from the music group because I can be very vocal about what I think is wrong. The refrain though I believe is something like 'we are the righteousness of God' over and over a few times. When they threw that up on the screen I went ballistic.
  5. Is this them?

  6. No, but thanks for trying, note the Logo bold font then light font. CONNECT or CONNECT.
  7. Yeah I saw that...I thought you were just bolding the differences between the spellings...
  8. Do you know if it is an Aussie thing or somewhere else?
  9. No idea Dirty, I have given all the info I can, meager as it is.
    There is a 'connect' type ministry in Sutherland NSW, but every reference I can find just uses the word "connect" as a standard font. The mob I'm trying to find use that mixed font as I illustrated......and that is what I can't find anywhere on the web.
  10. I found several "Connect" 'churches' in the USA...not sure though....quite a few to go through....
  11. Thanks for looking...remember the way the logo is presented, that should be an effective filter.

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