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try to see this video guys

Discussion in 'Christian Videos' started by honestjeenn, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. try to see this video guys

  2. Thanks Jean ... Great testimony . This has been around the internet for a long time . Saw it a while back . I just wonder how old this boy is now .

    I am sure others have not seen it so thanks for posting. Great little boy .
  3. Aww . that's cool .
  4. smart lil boy
  5. :amen:
  6. That sweet boy just summed it ALL up
  7. I did see this a long time ago. Awesome testimony :) :) :) :) :)
  8. Aww... just seen this few days ago... Maybe the little boy is in his 20's now???

    To those who never able to see this yet, try to open this video... :)
  9. That's ok .... Maybe it takes time to get to the Philippines ..... LOL .... Just joking .... don't take me serious.
  10. Lol, it sounds recent thoughhhhhh.

  11. hahaha... you're funny Dusty... :)

  12. hehe... We maybe the last one to discover it in youtube... Hey have FB account? I can add you there. :) Sorry, off topic

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