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  1. Try out our Facebook connect tool

    Hey Guys if you are on facebook, please add so others would get to know. :)

    Also we have a facebook connect button now on top via which you can connect your facebook account to CFS and receive updates on facebook. When you 'like' a thread here, an update is sent to your account so your friends can see them. So it helps the site too.

    Most importantly, its useful for new people to register here using their facebook address.

    So yea... try it out. Whatever we can do to spread the Gospel and to provide Christians with a Jesus filled atmosphere, we'll do that. :)

    Reminder: Pray for the community. Serve at your Church. Lets all get out of our comfort zone and do more for Jesus!!! God bless.
  2. Publishing on Facebook via CFS

    If you check the 'Publish to facebook' box when you post a new thread/blog, reply to a thread or comment on a blog, the link is automatically posted to your facebook account and lets your friends see them on Christian Forum Site. Christian Forum Site has an application on facebook to access your account so please log in and 'allow' that application. It is safe and we don't use any of your data for any other purposes other than sharing links between our site and facebook and also to update your profile here.

    You can write up a nice Christian topic and share it on facebook to let your unsaved friends see it. Or you can comment or like someone's post here and share it automatically on facebook. Another cool way to spread the Gospel!


    Check this out on my facebook page:

  3. Once you have linked your Facebook and CFS accounts via the fconnect button on top, you can sign in anytime with your CFS username and password or your Facebook username and password. Very convenient.

    Also if you are already a fan of our Facebook page, that does not mean that your accounts are linked. You have to click the fconnect button on top to link the accounts.

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