Trusting God in All Things?

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  1. This is an area that is my greatest struggle (big shock, huh?). All my life my trust has been broken by everyone in my life. I also have had no Godly father figure in my life to model complete and full trust in God.

    All this has lead me to not trusting anyone fully, which means I am always watching it for myself and doing things on my own. I hate being part of a team as it makes me rely on others when I believe I can only rely on myself. This is very evident in my marriage. I prefer to do things on my own and not working with my wife. When u do work with my wife I get frustrated as she isn't doing it nearly as fast or like I would. It usually means we end up in an argument.

    I know ask the usual answers to my question, just do it, just read your Bible more, just pay to allow God to work in your heart a full trust for him, etc... The problem is that none of that works for me. The solution is much deeper than any of that, but I don't know what that solution is.

    Seems the only thing that I have ever trusted beyond myself are dogs. I have complete trust of dogs because they have never let me down, not once.
  2. I know what you mean. My dog has always had my back as well. However, Maybe that is because he can not talk.
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  3. Love never fails. God is love. God never fails. He will never leave you nor forsake you. If you turn to him, he will turn to you. I have complete trust in God, my life is in his hands.
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  4. All I can say is that's good for you. Those words do nothing to address my post or help me.
  5. Here is try for an "unusual" answer…

    It mentioned above you seem to trust yourself....

    If man cannot be trusted, that includes ourselves...
  6. If that's the case then that leaves dogs. I can only trust dogs.

    I can trust myself because I will never let myself down. So, yes, I myself can trust myself.
  7. Yes, we do not want to let ourselves down... BUT and STILL .... we make "honest" mistakes...

    All human beings makes mistakes… how we can trust human beings...
  8. Still doesn't help me to trust God.

    My wife had this trust in God that everything will be worked out for her benefit. Where as me, I do not trust for that to happen because it hasn't happened unless I make it happen. She doesn't look to the future, where as I always do because I need to see how I will be affected by something in the future so that I can minimize the effects or alleviate it all together that something in the future.

    She wishes I had a better relationship with God, but I don't and it has to do with trust.
  9. Mark Twain — 'The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.'
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  10. I,m guessing I know where you are coming from and it is difficult.

    Can you imagine:

    Praying to God asking for help with something that scared you and finding yourself in a mental hospital with the lablel schizophrenic round yourself and watching your whole "world credibility" and "work prospects" (weel I resigned after "recovery" when they piled work on to me to the point I was effectively replaced with more that one in the reshuffle).

    Praying to God and asking for help with a bed wetting problem that dogged me well into adult life and one day at least (wrongly) conceding in my mind that for all the help God gives me, I might as well be praying to the devil for help. And then finding the problem leaves me.

    Feeling something that I really felt was the Holy Spirit touching me (it was sort of like a marvellous from something incredibly powerful) hug that broke me to tears) but finding what followed was the worst round of family accustations and bitterness - so much I had to leave.

    Yes. I've seen my own poor attempts at faith broken many, many times.

    People. Well people are just people and we haven't evolved any. It's my belief that a rabble like that in WW2 believed the Jews were to be persecuted or that wanted Jesus dead could be roused at any time and with people believing what they are doing is right!

    Still, I think we have to try to do our best, even with (at times) shattered faith like my own.

    Dogs and cats and even (as we have a ferret) weasels are wonderful and can make great companions but I don't think they have to face the world in the same way as we have to.
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  11. Trust God to give us Victory? It is His decision I guess…
    Our job is to ready the horse, I guess…..if it is a losing battle or a victory…. Do we need to please God to give us Victory?
    Or, it is Victory already and we just need to grab it….

    I don’t know… maybe other members of more faith can help : )
    I mean, WORDS,,,,, it all WORDS…. and yet: which one we need when we wake up in the morning…
    A WORD of encouragement of course is better… : )

    Proverbs 21:31New King James Version (NKJV)
    31 The horse is prepared for the day of battle,

    But deliverance is of the Lord.
  12. This "pill" of a verse works for me in the morning, aside from coffee : )

    Philippians 4:13New King James Version (NKJV)
    13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  13. I know that verse, but it doesn't help as I cannot trust for that to happen. As I have tried to lay claim to that verse, but as usual I was let down as nothing happened.
  14. Yes, there are indeed victories and there still failures, but I still take the "pill" nevertheless… it only a take a few seconds…
  15. As I said, it does nothing to help me to take that "pill."
  16. Thank you to those that have replied and tried to help. It's not that I am not accepting the help, it's that I have been down this road so many times and no matter what I am told to try, it doesn't help.

    Nothing seems to help. Words from the Bible doesn't help because they are just words. I have asked and prayed that God make them come alive to me, but they are still just words. Maybe God never chose me to be a Christian and nothing I do will change that fact.
  17. If you want practical answers, I love Jim Richards. He has MANY videos on YouTube, and this is #1 of 5... look for the next part to the right when this is done. You'll like him.

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  18. I've got/had all those badges.

    Maybe you are are for a good reason?
  19. Not sure what good reason there is for not being a trusting person, or why so many Christians have this awesome relationship with Jesus and I have zilch.

    None of it makes sense, even when I crave to trust and have this awesome relationship with Jesus, but it never happens and it's not a lack of trying on my part.

    That is why I am starting to think that God never chose me to be a Christian.
  20. I will take a look.

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