trusting doctors

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  1. trusting doctors

    500 years ago,the top medical minds would give you leeches for lots of symptoms.the people of that time trusted society and these wise being correct because of edjucation.i wonder what our doctors will look like in 500 think not.:D
  2. Our present-day doctors will probably look as primitive as cavemen in 500 years. Or maybe illness and disease will be wiped off the planet by then and we won't need so many LOL!
  3. Yes I agree... I saw a program on PBS years ago about breast cancer... It was discovered decades ago for example that radiated rods placed around the tumor through the skin had as well a cure rate as mastectomy, radiation and chemo therapy... But doctors wouldn't accept it... Probably it didn't bring in enough cash:fish:

    I believe it is heat that heals many cancers, but I'm not a doctor...
  4. We have to trust someone. Finding a good physician is like finding gold!
  5. I totally agree! My mother in law contracted a superbug in a hospital in Denver when she was opened up for heart surgery (dirty tools). Her life has been a nightmare since then, and do you think doctors with the reputations of gods would claim responsibility or apologize? Not!

    My Dad died recently, he had a bad heart, doctors gave him morphine, (known to weaken the heart), he died within hours! Too many things -- too close to home. I tend to trust God before doctors. I must say they are good at fixing bones though!

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